• Enis seems pretty e gaged to me. He is always celebrating with the team. Sure he’s frustrated to not get the ball more. But anyone can say that at the end of the day it’s about the team.

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    I think the biggest difference is the team already had there WTF loss. They won’t be intimidated by the environment. They weren’t ready for usc plain and simple. There speed, environment and toughness was too much for us on that day. UW is good, Peterson is amazing, but they’re vulnerable this year. This team is hungry and remembers getting beat…[Read more]

  • That was a dirty play, a dirty hit. I think the entire team is dirty not just from this game but form previous games. But DMing kids is just wrong. He’s still a kid who is playing a game basically for free. No good can come from it.

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    1st answer, the second list are all walk on’S. Although List was also a walk – on a doubt anything will come from them.

    What I think will happen. Redding winds the job, Shelly transfers( Whitt has said that Shelly doesn’t fit Ludwig system as well) Lisk stays and is the back up to Redding. K marsh comes in our freshman QB has the third Qb wit…[Read more]

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    Never wish injury. But, if the kid cant see the bigger picture with Utah that’s on him.

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    I would bet almost anything that SC loses at least one more game. I think 2 is very likely. ASU can beat them in Tempe.

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    SC won’t win out. They will lose at least to Oregon or ASU. I’m more concerned about them losing twice.

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    I stayed the whole game, but understand people wanting to leave early. it rained the whole time and hard from the second quarter until the end of the game. Had the Utes been blowing them out I prob would have left too. That being said great win, many fans stayed until the end.

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    Minneapolitan_Ute – Where is it located ?

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    Anyone on this board have any single day tickets available for saturdays game ? 

  • ONLYU – Whitt said they want Moss to play Saturday. I’m assuming he plays but is on a pitch count, unless the game is close or they’re losing or Moss is giving them nothing due to being limited. Is this your vibe ? Do you anticipate he plays but on a pitch count ? 
    Thank you in Advance. 

  • Why are people worried about Oregon st ? Just put johnson on hidgens and run it down their throat. OSU defense is terrible. The way Huntley is playing right now it will WSU all over again. Plus I think Moss plays.

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    I feel like I’m the minority on here. But I think Zach Wilson is really good. The issue is BYU Zion’s build him up so much it’s hard for him to live up to all the hype. Rising appears to be better, ONLYU ha said as much, so I doubt he would come to Utah, maybe Utah st is
    If he was to transfer. But I still wish we had him. And no he’s 100 percent…[Read more]

  • You’re looking at it the wrong way. Tyler Huntley is now the key. Against USC he was the only one to show up. Then against a bad WSU defense he lit them up (as he should have). ASU, CAL being at home is huge. I still expect a WASH lost. Hoping for a win, but they need to prove that U can beat Wash. bottom line 10-2 wins us the small. USC will l…[Read more]

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    Has replaced Moss as the best player in our team. I have never felt comfortable with Huntley until now. He was the only one who showed up against SC, and domainated a terrible WSU defense as he should. I used to think Moss would lead the way, but if we are to have a truly special season it is now all on him in a good way. 

  • I think our D was embarrassed last week. Especially the secondary. That’s a pride full group. WSU doesn’t have the same athletes and we are at home. I expect a fired up U team. Everyone is doubting them again. This is the position they thrive in.

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    ONLYU- Does that mean the Moss injury was only just a grade 1 and not that serious ?

  • ONLYU strikes again.

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    The only thing that is realistically over is the playoff hype. Which, I never bought anyways. I knew we wouldn’t go undefeated. I just didn’t think we would lose to SC especially in the fashion that we did. We can still win the south and then just need to win the pac-12. My prediction was 10-2. Still achievable, however it will be much tougher wit…[Read more]

  • Take the train into the stadium. Utewalk is pretty cool. Lots of good tailgating. Really not a bad seat in RES. So I guess the question is do you want to stand or have a seat.

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