ARod and Sitake

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    Ute Fan

    These guys have played or worked together for 15+ years and are known to be very good friends. It makes me wonder if any of their scheming, ideas, etc. could be unknown to the other. They’ve had years of collaborating, watching film together, just hanging out… makes me wonder, once you know someone that well, can there be much room for surprise?

    Of course, all of this is in addition to Sitake’s also long standing relationships with Kyle, Scalley, etc. as well.

    I guess we’ll see six days from now.

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    Look at it the other way. Since they all know so much about each other, they know what the other one does NOT know. LOL. So they will be trying to come up with something new?

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    Ute Fan

    I think Kalani is going to have a bit more to figure out about our offense than we will his defense.  He knows Roderick so well but what he’ll see on film this week is an offense with QBs and receivers he never saw at Utah.  Kalani already showed us his hand against Arizon.  He’s going to blitz the s**t out of us and try to pressure us early.  He’s got to know that his front seven isn’t deep enough to last the whole game.  Like Utah said, those guys were gassed in the 4th quarter on only 56 plays.

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    I expect this game to be like Oregon St last season a comfortable win but Utah fans will still bitch.

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      I would accept this answer.


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