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      Ute Fan

      Mark May on ESPN today said the Utes are one of the top 4 teams based on their body of work. Mark never has given Utah that much respect. Time for me to start drinking the koolaid. ☺

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      That’s nice. Not sure I agree, but that’s nice.

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        Ute Fan

        Nice post from the Michigan fan board:

        Utah beat: Michigan (currently #22), Utah State, Fresno State, Oregon
        MSU beat: Air Force, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Oregon
        Utah 62-20 Oregon at Oregon
        Oregon 28-31 MSU at MSU
        Unless we are evaluating best team/talent vs best performance/records, there’s no explanation of #2 vs #10 rankings in the AP poll this week.

        MSU deserves to be ranked somewhere in the top 10-20 range


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          Don’t forget that we beat Michigan 24-17 and arguably we gave Michigan at least 7 points with Gionni Paul’s penalty. Then Michigan curb stomped the Zoobs 31-0. Same Zoobs that lost to UCLA 24-23 on a last minute INT. I will acknowledge that Rosen’s 3 INTs and poor play in the first half made that game closer than it should have been. Still, an indirect win over the Zoobs via Michigan helps big time. Seal clubbing of Oregon really helped, but probably need to downgrade Michigan St.

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      Ute Fan

      Actually, Mark May has always given the Utes respect and speaks highly of (Along with ….ahum – Trev). It’s Danny Kannel that doesn’t respect the Utes.

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      Tacoma Ute
      Ute Fan

      I’m surprised. Usually he seems to dis us because we always beat his Pitt boys.

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      Ute Fan

      Mark May will only say something positive about Utah if it supports his agenda. In this case his belief that we should vote based on body of work. He is too busy listening to himself talk to notice anything about Utah.
      Over the weekend he mocked Mack Brown for saying that Ohio State was playing well. Something Mack Brown did not say! Again Mark didn’t listen to what he said. It was nice to see the coach correct him afterwards. Mark didn’t seem to enjoy it!

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