First vs. Second Half

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      Ute Fan

      So that 1st half was a thing of beauty. Seriously the ball movement, dribble penetration, Poeltl dominating down low a joy to watch. The D was still out of position very often, but BYU was shooting cold.

      Then the second half we die for 12 minutes. Was BYU just deciding to finally play D? This happens way to often with this team and I don’t get it. Its like we forget how to play for long stretches. Also we looked totally befuddled by the zone BYU used for awhile. We consistently have problems against a zone. Can someone with more B-Ball smarts please explain this to me?

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      That end of the court is cursed. Burn sweet grass on that end.

      BYU did play a little more aggressively and made some adjustments. Utah stopped the dribble drive penetration. Should have just kept passing the ball to Poeltl he was manhandling BYU. Utah also started to settle for a few contested jumpers. BYU got hot to and made some shots finally.

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      Tony (admin)

      The officiating in the first few minutes of the 2nd half took over the flow of the game at that point.

      Also offensively we seemed to go away from what was working great, going in low to Poetl and draining the occasional outside shot if Poetl was doubled.

      With 3 minutes to go we go 4 corners and get completely sloppy and careless. I thought I Wright was going to hand the game to the zoo, even after the zoo gave up and took out all their starters. It was a very odd ending.

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