For all intents and purposes, we're tied with USC in the standings.

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      I don’t want to hear anyone say we have a one game lead, we don’t. We lose one more game and we’re done. USC is not going to lose to Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, or UCLA. Our playoff started as soon as Cal couldn’t beat USC, it’s one and done now.

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      Ute Fan

      Well if we’re tied then we lose the tiebreaker due to head to head results, why even play those last games scheduled for either USC or Utah?

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      Ute Fan

      Based on the parity in the league week in and week out I can see USC losing to either/both Oregon and UCLA. Beating Oregon in Eugene will not be easy even as average as they seem and a rivalry game with UCLA is a toss up. Winning 6 straight won’t be easy for a team that has already proven they can lay an egg. There’s a lot left that could happen…including a loss or even 2 by the Utes. Either way this will go down to that last weekend. I’m of the opinion that if we win 3 out of 4 with one of the wins being UCLA we’ll win the South at 10-2.

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      bob sacomano
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      Um, no. We have a one game lead. Leads are typically based on what has already transpired, not what might transpire.

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      Winning solves everything. But does ANYONE think the Utes will win out? Surely we are “capable” of doing that but I don’t think it is realistic. We could lose the next two easily. I doubt USC will win out either. Imagine what things will be like in three weeks.

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      Wilson’s Mustache
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      I think USC still has a loss ahead of them. The Pac-12 is a treacherous conference & you can loss at any turn. Oregon in Eugene will be a tough game & never count out UCLA. Hell as crazy as it may be Colorado might be due for an upset.

      I think it Utah wins this weekend against Washington they win out.

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      Ute Fan

      So if we are tied and we win out, and USC wins out, are we still tied?

      No. Because we are not tied.

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        If we lose one game and USC doesn’t lose a game, which is likely, we’re done. We’ve essentially started our playoff right now. We must win every game to keep playing. No reason to count on a USC loss, they’re rolling.

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      Ute Fan

      We have a one game lead with a losing tie break and a lower probability of losing fewer games than SC.
      What ever floats your boat

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