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    Most NFL quality running backs are fully capable and comfortable with the ball in either hand. QB or WR not so much. Remember we’re dealing with a runner here. You can protect an injury pretty significantly on a hand. 3 weeks and 2 days from injury to first game. Maybe he’s not able to catch it normally but he should be able to RUN pretty eff…[Read more]

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    Zach is practicing with no contact today. Covey is practicing regularly. The cast is for an injury but 3 weeks after you’ll have plenty of options ranging from a soft cast to tape and foam protection, etc. Figuring out the risk vs. necessity is something that will be done BUT as of this moment I expect them both to play. Being in a cast for 3…[Read more]

  • Yeah…pretty spot on with the responses above. I’ll add my two cents on Rising. He’s really talented and fits in well with the group. I’ll say this: I love Shelley. He shows up and competes his butt off, prepares every day and is a good player but if Huntley plays the whole year without a significant injury I think Rising will be your start…[Read more]

  • Pleasant surprise that emerged in the Spring. With Covey and Thompson limited and on pitch counts he has gotten a ton of reps in the slot. Kid can flat out play. 6’4” kid out of San Diego.

    Reps will be tough to come by when and if everyone is healthy but no significant drop off in the first 8. By far the deepest group we’ve ever had. No tr…[Read more]

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    Think Zach Banner #73 from USC a few years back. Now with the Steelers as a LT. I’m sure most of you remember the MONSTER at the end of their line protecting Darnold. He has that type of size.

    Bam is actually probably more athletic than Zach BUT not near as polished or experienced at this point. But he is massive and can move.

    He’s goi…[Read more]

  • Few more updates…
    Kickers have been very good in camp through yesterday. Not good today however.
    Kuithe at TE is an absolute stud and will be used as much as Cole (who is a huge target). Kuithe has juice and can get deep…is a very difficult cover. Cole is more underneath/possession. They both catch EVERYTHING! Ludwig knows how to use them in…[Read more]

  • Immobilized to help heal last night. 3 full weeks plus a couple days to heal. Chances are still good he’s ready to go on the 29th.

  • Player and Bam is still acclimating. Not fully participating yet.

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    I think Brumfield, Wilmore, DHC and TJ will all get carries. Situational…Brumfield and Wilmore can bang and DHC/TJ bring a change of pace. All very good backs. Micah likely redshirting

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    Slight update…not his hand…did bang up a finger however. Might be broken but I don’t believe it’s a major issue moving forward. Finished practice. I’ll update if anything changes

  • Onlyu replied to the topic Rumor on Moss in the forum Football 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I can tell you he practiced today. I don’t think he has a broken hand unless he did it getting out of bed today!! Just kidding…kind of.

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    Nothing major for TJ…a couple weeks is all most likely. Vickers rolled an ankle as well but should be fine

  • Couple things…

    1. Obviously not optimal to have Bowen decide to walk away BUT Lloyd has known for a while that he was in the mix for major playing time, really an injury away from being the starter so has been preparing as such and is ready

    2. The D line and experienced backfield takes a ton of pressure off the linebackers so they really get…[Read more]

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    Yes…Bills and Kuithe have ACL’s. Blake has been hurt almost since he’s been here. Combination of things with Fabrizio but he’s not close right now.

    Covey is already running SOME routes with the QB’s so I don’t have any concern about him at all today.

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    I mean he only weighs like a buck thirty so it’s not like he’s carrying a lot of weight around. He’s 8 or 9 months out right now which is about where we see that injury fully healed in today’s world. He’s well on his way to playing.
    I’d imagine he’ll take it easy in camp but should 100% start game 1. Moss and Bernard are/will be fine too. Ku…[Read more]

  • Haha! Thanks Tony! Highly unlikely Tucker joins this year. Has a lot of academic work to complete and I’m not sure it’s even possible to get it done given the time he has. Could be in play next year if he sticks with it but who knows.

    I know there is some worry out there about the OL. There is plenty of talent both here and coming in to be…[Read more]

  • All I can tell you is there isn’t anyone in the program preparing for home games against No. Illinois or Idaho St. We have bigger fish to fry eventually but honestly who else would our attention be on? We can’t wait to play BYU in this spot. No one is intimidated by their atmosphere, no one is intimidated by their talent. We return 80% of the…[Read more]

  • Don’t forget about the Carlson kid. He immediately adds depth and had an offer to Oklahoma St among others. He’s probably the key. If he comes in as a solid #2 type player we’re golden. Most JC guys take a little while but the difference is he doesn’t have to come in a and start…just learn the system and be productive as he figures it out.…[Read more]

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    Huh? Both Coach Whit and Coach Ludwig were on the 8:30ish flight to Orange County last night. Coach Shah is recruiting a camp today as well as just about every other coach on staff somewhere. Prime evaluation season and yes…plenty of kids want to play for the Utes next Fall.

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    Have not heard the word “official” yet but chances are very good mainly because he didn’t play as a RS. Already sat out a year so to speak.

    Tuttle…well I’m not going to expand but let’s just say the reasoning he listed on his application to transfer is complete BS…soft. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Excited to have the 4 in the prog…[Read more]

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