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    Everything in place for a special season.  EVERYTHING!!!!
    Need things to break our way with health and a lucky bounce here or there and we’ll play for a Pac12 Championship in December!
    Cannot wait to see this group play!!

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    High hopes for Pirtle but with the Jordan injury, the Bernard addition, etc. like “Utah” says, he’ll most likely end up at DE.  Something else would have to happen for him to end up at LB.  That’s all assuming he comes in ready to compete and is able to grasp that technique and responsibility.  He’s done it before so no one thinks it will be an…[Read more]

  • Onlyu replied to the topic Francis Bernard in the forum Football 1 month ago

    Lloyd is coming along.  Had a much improved Fall and is plenty athletic.  He’ll play some and its probably perfect that he’s not thrown into the fire quite yet.  Not ready mentally to have a big role but by next year will be.  Karsten Llilenquist is physicsl and adds depth as well.  We have 6 that are actually capable now.  That number has been 4…[Read more]

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    Nope you’re correct only a Junior…need to stop drinking in the AM.  Talent level has increased in that room the past two seasons with 4 star guys added.  He’s not that type of talent.  Steady performer for sure not overly dynamic.  That rating isn’t mine by the way.  

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    The one thing I’m not comfortable with today is our WR depth.  Jaylen Dixon’s performance aside in the scrimmage, I don’t expect him to be in the top 6 this Fall.  He had a nice day but isn’t ready IMO.  Alec Dana is not in the program today.  Jameson Field would be ahead of Dixon and Tyquez Hampton suffered an injury a few weeks back with surgery…[Read more]

  • Confident and productive absolutely but Oregon in their heyday?? Haha. I’m not sure we’ll ever get to that point but we’re incredibly close to having a multiple offense with experience, speed, talent and depth and with weapons left and right. I’d like to see 2 more high quality “4 star” type receivers added next year so there is no drop off wi…[Read more]

  • Depth is simply ridiculous…Amy D. Has a story in the DNews tonight that highlights our Corners and well worth a read.
    Blackmon, Johnson, Lewis, Smith, King, Guidry, etc. and everyone of them comes back next year (unless Blackmon goes pro after this year).  We are loaded back there.  D-line gave the O-line fits yesterday.  Fotu up the middle,…[Read more]

  • Huntley is the clear no. 1 today. Tuttle has a big arm and all of the tools and gets better all the time. That said, reading below, you shouldn’t be worried about a transfer with him. He’s in…If Tyler is the guy and I’m betting he will be, Jack will keep preparing for his time here. It will come sooner or later. He’s not the type of kid to…[Read more]

  • Watching film and discussing his future.  Not sure where that goes if anywhere but my understanding is it’s either here or Wazzou.  

  • complaints about keeping the local kid home.  If we get Enis we steal the #2 player in Arizona.  ASU and Arizona have each signed just 1 Arizona Top 15 recruit.
    Colorado, Oregon and Oregon St each signed 3 of their top 15.  Washington – 5, Wash St – 2
    Utah has signed 5.  
    Winning the South will keep more home but compared to other places we…[Read more]

  • Get this kid and we meet almost all of our needs!  Would be a big pick up late.

  • Every kid that joins will have multiple P5 offers…every one of them. That’s a first I think.

    Mataafa, Pirtle and Tenny Pututau bring 3 – 4 star linebackers to the group. Pace, I think even you would agree that’s one of the biggest positions of need and it’s been addressed.

    Steal Solomon Enis and that’s another 4 star WR to add to Hampton…[Read more]

  • I would argue that we are landing these types of players.
    Bryan Thompson was a high 4 star recruit last year. Top 25 National WR. Will have a big role next year. Still a couple of 4 star wideouts in play that we can possibly land as well.
    Boyd (top 5 in Texas) and Hampton were high 3 or 4 star gets depending on the ranking service. The last…[Read more]

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    Rae doesn’t love it here – never really did. He wants to go back to Texas which is closer to home for him. Not sure about family issues but if that’s what he said then I’ll accept that.

    He called Texas, Texas Tech and TCU. TCU told him no…the other two told him they would have a spot for him.

    Here’s my opinion on Rae…Top 3 round NFL tal…[Read more]

  • Onlyu replied to the topic 3 new commits for Utah in the forum Football 5 months, 1 week ago

    Think of the remaining class like this:

    Tennessee Pututau – 4 star prospect (LB)

    Devin Brumfield – 3 star prospect (RB)

    Jackson Cravens – 3 star prospect (DL)

    Chris Olave – 4 star prospect (WR)

    Then add:

    Tufua – 4 star kid (already here) (DE)


    Sione Lund – 4 star kid (from Stanford already here) (LB)

    Four – 4 star additions and two…[Read more]

  • Hmmm…maybe a little surprise coming our way.  

  • We’re still significantly beat up.  No Saosi Wilson or Bryan Thompson.  No Casey Hughes or Jaylon Johnson (obviously).  Probably no Chase Hansen…been practicing but I’m not so sure he goes tomorrow.  Pretty slim chance IMO.  
    Boobie Hobbs will be playing one corner I believe.  Fitts probably goes.  Carrington is good.  We’re going to control…[Read more]

  • I’ll start with the cleanout…Kyle Fulks has left the team to pursue a career in International Track and Field…good luck to him.  He can run…just can’t catch so good!! 
    That said with all of the injuries we have at WR we could use him in practice right now.  Carrington is still in a boot and has literally practiced 4 times in 8 weeks.  He’ll…[Read more]

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    First off, I think Larry has done a good job bringing the program back to respectable levels.  He’s a quality guy that represents the U well and has had some success finding quality impact players that have gotten him to two sweet sixteens.  Like it or not he has stuck to his philosophy which has cost him a few very good players transferring out…[Read more]

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