• Utah Utes Football Provides Value to Big XII Conference Realignment – Inside the Knights
    I Love the Respect this writer is showing the Utes. That being said, it seems Utah would prefer to stay in the PAC 12. The Arizona schools seem more interested, than Utah, in joining the Big 12. 
    It’s hard to imagine any conference realignment decisions…[Read more]

  • Hate the realignment talk. That being said, here is an interesting article. 
    Mandel: Here’s how a Pac-12/Big 12 combo conference would play football – The Athletic  
    Go UTES !!

  • I’m seeing lots of reports stating Utah, as well as AZ, ASU, & CO are scheduled to meet with the Big 12 tomorrow – 7/5. 
    While Utah getting into either the Big 10 or the SEC is possible, it does not seem likely. 
    If the Big 12 were to add all 4 schools named above, it would strengthen the Big 12. And the Utes would be in a Conference, that…[Read more]

  • Caleb Bryant commits. Nice D Line get !  
    Recruiting: A look at who has committed to Utah football for the 2023 recruiting class | KSL.com 
    Hope Caleb’s Twitter link works.  “Hey Coach Whit.  Let’s do this Bruh!”   Ha, ha.   Gotta like this guys Swagger ! 
    Football Recruiting continues to kill it !! 
     Go Utes…

  • Looks like the Utes have picked up the commitment from another Wide Receiver.
    Luca Caldarella.  6 foot 4, 210 pounds. 4.6 40 yard dash. Jr College transfer. May be available this fall.  
    Utes Recruiting on a tear !
    Go Utes !

  • utahby05 started the topic Tiquan Gilmore in the forum Football 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Tiquan Gilmore is a WR recruit to keep an eye on. JC transfer that (apparently), just visited Utah.  
    I’d really like to see a couple more receivers added for this year. 
    I realize, wide receivers aren’t the feature position at Utah. Still, it would be nice to have an additional player or 2, even if just to add depth. 
    Go Utes !!

  • WR’s returning, with significant experience include : D. Vele, S. Enis, & Jaylen Dixon.
    Other returners with limited experience, but great potential: Money Parks & Makai Cope. 
    New WR recruits (signed) that join team in fall : Tao Johnson & Chris Reed. Both are true Freshmen. 
    Tight Ends are a huge part of the passing game. Running Backs,…[Read more]

  • utahby05 started the topic Kick Return Game in the forum Football 6 months ago

    Any guesses on who will be the Primary Punt Returner, this year ?  
    And how about, the Kick Returners ?  
    Based on size and speed, guys like Jaylen Dixon, Money Parks, & Clark Phillips III, & Micah Bernard could be in the mix. Perhaps even Ryan Peppins ….
    GO UTES !!

  • utahby05 started the topic Football Recruiting in the forum Football 8 months ago

    The Utes wrapped up a Solid Class today, with the signing of Sidney Mbanasor. It could be a year +, before he’s really able to contribute. But, his physical skills are impressive.
    The Utes also signed several, Solid Preferred Walk On’s, including :
    Jett Maine, a very productive a WR from Corner Canyon. Luke Hyde, another productive WR from Lone…[Read more]

  • A few Recruits to keep an eye on, that apparently are on visits to Utah this weekend : 
    Justius Lowe – Oregon Athlete that committed to Utah on 12/14/21, but did Not sign. Since that time, (and per 247 Sports) he has received offers from Florida, Notre Dame, and USC. He also has a Visit scheduled with Notre Dame on 1/28/22. 
    Jamarrien Burt -…[Read more]

  • It’s expected that several players that have atleast 1 year of eligibility remaining, will forgoe that year and declare for the NFL draft.
    A key part of a players decision to leave early, is the players “Draft Grade.” 
    I could be wrong on this, but my understanding, players requesting a Draft Grade will be told 1 of 3 things related to which…[Read more]

  • Given that we have had 2 QB’s transfer out this year, (Charlie Brewer & Peter Costelli), we are down to 3 QB’s on the Roster.
    Besides Cam Rising, there is Ja’Quinden Jackson and Bryson Barnes. 
    Jackson seems to be a perfect Wildcat type QB, but only has 6 carries on the year. 
    I believe Barnes played in the Weber St game, but did not record any…[Read more]

  • Longtime (fortunately) football season ticket holder. But last nights (at the game), Experience might have been the Best Ever.  Big Game. Utes play lights out. Packed house. Electric atmosphere. Beautiful, etc…
    Another great thing about going is, it’s like a Concert breaks out. And the Tune Selections Definitely Add to the Experience & get…[Read more]

  • Looks like #78 Sataoa Laumea (O line) & #3 JaQuinden Jackson (QB) are dressed tonight. 
    Not sure if they will see action, but they’re getting healthier, at least. 
    Go Utes !  
    Start Quick, never ease up, & Finish ! !

  • utahby05 started the topic Keys for a Ute Win in the forum Football 1 year ago

    Offense : ExecUTE in the Red Zone. Their Zone D gives yards between the 20’s. But, we need TD’s, when we get into scoring position. And their D is stingy in the Red Zone. 
    We’re loaded with play makers and I’m so glad we have C. Brewer. His ability to read defenses, along with his poise, & confidence, are top notch. He’s accurate & has great…[Read more]

  • utahby05 replied to the topic Punting concerns in the forum Football 1 year, 1 month ago

    True about Michael Williams. He should be a good back up, Punter option, if necessary.

    Also, I believe he is scheduled to hold for field goals & PAT’s. Covey is the back up Holder. Covey is a Stud !

    Go Utes!

  • utahby05 started the topic Football 2 deep in the forum Football 1 year, 6 months ago

    Question for anyone that might know and apologies, if already discussed. 
    From a medical standpoint, has Ja’Quinden Jackson and Connor O’Toole been fully cleared to participate in spring ball?  
    Neither are listed on the 2 deep, but both are, or were recovering from injuries. This may explain why neither is listed on the 2 deep. 
    Both are…[Read more]

  • utahby05 replied to the topic transfer portal in the forum Football 1 year, 8 months ago

    You seeing something that indicates he is coming to Utah? Or are you just saying he is transferring?

    Most reports I’m seeing, indicate his plans are to transfer closer to home and family. He is from KY.

    He definitely looks like a Playmaker.

  • Ty, 
    In a tweet you sent on Aug 9, 2019, you said, “You never know when you’ll lose someone close to you, so make sure you hug ’em and tell ’em, they mean the world to you today…” 
    I’m a Utah Football Junkie and over the years, I’ve met many players – mainly at Ute Fan Fests. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to meet you. If I would have,…[Read more]

  • 1) preseason Expectations for the Offense : Given the number of returning & experienced Offensive players, I was confident we would average 30 + points a game. Obviously, this has not happened and is really dissappointing. 
    I’m still optimistic about the future of the offense. The O-Line, where it all starts, does a nice job with run blocking.…[Read more]

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