• Anyone besides me think S Enis has been under utilized ?  
    He was a 4* recruit, his dad was a baller, he’s got good size, decent speed, and in my opinion, great hands. 
    When he’s targeted, he generally makes the catch, or draws a PI.  
    Also, he does a good job with the down the field blocking.  
    Yet, he ends this year with 14 catches… Not…[Read more]

  • To me, the most Ironic part of the last 2 losses – is the way we got outplayed at the line of scrimmage.  
    Over the last several years, Utah has earned the reputation throughout the PAC 12 for being a physically, dominating team. This no doubt starts up front in the trenches. I do think this praise for being tough & physical is warranted -…[Read more]

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    1) I’m sure that we’ll all agree that the taste of humble pie Sucks.
    In my opinion, this is the most talented Utah team, ever. I wanted them to have a chance to play college football’s best teams – to see how we stack up. We know how that ended…
    The 3 teams Utah lost to (SC, Oregon, & TX) are all big time teams, that have rosters full of Elite…[Read more]

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    Anyone know if Bryan Thompson will be able to play vs TX ?
    Utah has to win the line of scrimmage battle, on both sides of the ball.
    Normally, I would be confident our D can hold the opponent down. But, TX has an explosive, dangerous offense…  Their QB, S Ehlinger runs a RPO offense similar to Sam Darnold, while at USC. Not only has Ehlinger…[Read more]

  • This is truly a special football team and this season has went (with the exception of the SC game) as well as anyone reasonably could have expected.
    Hope the team continues to take every game serious. If they can Avoid injuries (especially to Huntley) and avoid turnovers – the next 3 games look very winnable.  
    If the Utes take care of business…[Read more]

  • Completely agree. Up until this year, I viewed Huntley more as an athlete playing QB. It’s hard to believe how much he has improved. His completion percentage is off the charts. Perhaps even more impressive is his decision making. And Love his toughness. He’s a warrior and hopefully his health will improve with this bye week. Side note : maj…[Read more]

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    Totally agree. This game has Revenge written all over it. The mantra of Unfinished Business could take a huge step forward today. Utes need to Impose their will and show UW who this year’s Alpha Dog is. Get it done, UBoys !

  • It goes without saying, winning the turnover battle is critical in every game. So, like always, that will be huge. But here are 3 other things I believe Utah must do today : 
    1) Run the ball. Other teams have had success running on UW this year and Utah does this well. I’m sure this will be a big part of Ludwig’s game plan. Effectively running…[Read more]

  • Face value for each ticket is over $80. I can’t make it and want the 2 tickets to go to hard core, Ute fans. Asking $100 or best offer – for the pair.These are chairback seats, right on the aisle in section W 14. Seats 8 & 9 on row 34. The view from seats, is looking right down the 20 yard line.If interested, text or call Shane at 801 574 3349

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    I have 2 tickets to this Saturday’s Utah vs Idaho St football game. These are seats 8 & 9, which are chair backed, aisle seats that look right down the 20 yard line. This from row 34, in section W-14. These are my season tickets which I pay $111 + per ticket for, after mandatory Crimson Club fee is added in. I’m asking $80 per ticket, which is…[Read more]

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    I’m selling 2 tickets to the 9/14/19 Utah vs Idaho St football game. 
    These are seats 8 & 9, which are great aisle seats that look right down the 20 yard line, from row 34. This is in section W-14.  
    I’ll sell for $80 per ticket, which is less than face value of each ticket. So, $160 in total.
    Please text Shane at 801 574 3349 if…[Read more]

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    Thanks OnlyU. Appreciate your insight !

  • *20 Yard line & Aisle seats
    *my cost is $247. Will sell the pair for $190 OBO. 
    *Chair back seats in W14, row 34 
    call or text Shane 801 574 3349
    Love this site & Go Utes !

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