I would ____________ (fill in the blank) for a vertical passing game.

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      Ute Fan

      Watch all five Twilight movies in succession.

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      I could careless for a vertical passing game as long as the Utes continue to win.

      Seriously, Travis Wilson does not have the accuracy to make an attempt at a vertical passing game worthwhile.

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        Wow, WestSlopeCutthroat, why do you still post here after the Oregon game? You just gonna pretend you never said these incorrect things? Come correct, son. I will not let this go.

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          Moose you’re a freaking internet stalker.

          I started a thread to promote productive conversation regarding Utah QBs. You come in and start thumping your chest “I was right, he was wrong”, “Travis Wilson is clearly better” blah, blah, blah. Dude, maybe you should reread the title to the thread? It said “No clear separation between TW and KT.” When I posted it, there wasn’t clear separation, at least not from the limited statistics. And again, it was posted to prompt conversation on a new site. Most of the responders treated it as such. Then there’s YOU. Internet trash talking know it all Moose. Wow you won the internet claim that you were wright on Travis Wilson, for one game. Maybe if you spent more time being right say in the business world, you’d be rich as Warren Buffet? Right now you have scoreboard on dots of light on a screen, woohooo! Idiot.

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            I was right, you were wrong. I could see the separation between TW and KT, you could not. If you had my football IQ, you would have seen it as well. Just come correct and apologize, that’s all I ask.

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              Moose you just made my point. You won a thousand points of light on your computer screen and they spell IDIOT.

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                Just apologize. You were way off, nobody on this board was as down on Wilson as you were, and you were way wrong. It’s because you lack the mental capacity it takes to evaluate the QB position. Just admit it, apologize, explain that you won’t share your opinions anymore until you’ve understood the game better, and move on.

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                  Puget Ute
                  Ute Fan

                  Knock off the personal attacks. Nobody owes you anything. This is exactly the type of thing that gets you booted from every forum and makes people block you on twitter. Please learn from your mistakes for a change.

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        Yeah that bomb to Butler-Byrd sure didn’t help us win the Cal game, now did it?

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      Is this a vertical pass?

      Not trolling but Wilson can pass the damn ball against Oregon.

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        Ute Fan

        Yes. I know Travis can throw it deep but we don’t have a guy like Dres or Kaelin who can take the top off a defense. Or if we do we haven’t seen it yet this season. Hopefully Travis takes a few shots downfield today.

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          Against Oregon I would prefer to see a drive like the final one in Fresno. Long possessions lots of third and shorts. I don’t want bombs or anything personally. Wilson is capable and I think Scott or Butler Byrd can run that route for Utah.

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            Ute Fan

            how often do you see 15 play drives? I just dont think that type of offense is sustainable week to week. Your score %’s go way up with chunk yardage plays.

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      Ute Fan

      I think Utah needs to go vertical two to three times a game to keep the defense honest, but really those plays rarely work. It’s like swinging for a home run in baseball. Sure, you’re going to connect sometimes, but you’re also going to strike out a lot. Why not go for a lot of singles and doubles. In the Oregon game, Travis showed his mastery in getting the ball to the right spot for the 5-10 yard first down, many occurring on third down. I like those percentages a lot more. I also like how Utah’s offensive style burns clock, slows down the game, takes the crowd out of it on the road, wears down the defense and demoralizes the opponent. I’d stick with it.

      So I have no word to fill in the blank.

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      If you watched The Drive episode last night, the only pass they showed from TW in the Cal game, he missed the open receiver by 5 yards and TW was not under pressure. SMH.


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