Not many sports things I want more than for Alex to be a super bowl winning QB

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      it’s obviously not an easy task, but if they can somehow get a little lucky and steal one in Foxborough this could be the year. New England is relatively vulnerable imo without gronk or any big time mismatch at the skill positions. Pittsburgh at home is nowhere near a given either but as far as roads to a ring go it’s doable


      Obviously you know Alex gets and incredible amount of criticism. I’m not a gigantic nfl fan, but I don’t know of any other guys who win as much as he does and still take as much crap. It would be wonderful validation. He isn’t among the elites at the position, but he’s damn good and I’d love to see a Ute world champion at the most important position in the sport. 

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      Couldn’t agree more. Pitt will be tough if they end up playing. But this is probably his last and best opportunity since that NFC championship game against the Giants

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      I like the Chiefs at home whether it’s against Pittsburgh or Houston. Playing in Foxboro is obviously tough but the Chiefs should be back to full strength on defense, and have really been clicking on offense… it’s doable.
      I would love nothing more than to see Alex get a ring. He deserves it more than just about any veteran QB out there.

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      Tacoma Ute
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      Seattle is my favorite team remaining but I think I’m rooting more for the chiefs because of Alex.


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