One of the worst parts about a loss

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      Ute Fan

      is how much hate the players get. You can tell with the comments they make of how much people love them when they are up, and hate them when they dont play well. Its ridiculous how much fans can be at their necks after a loss. Hope they know that some of us are with them through the highs and the lows, no matter how good or bad they might play. They chose to be Utes, and they play their @#* off. Thats all it takes for me. I love this team. Bounce back next week. Go Utes.

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
      Ute Fan

      This game is just another indictment as to why I absolutely HATE the way that college football does its overtime periods. Arizona should have NEVER been in position to score that touchdown in overtime. Why? Well, because the only reason they were in that position is because of the ridiculous rule that for some arbitrary reason, teams suddenly get great field position for no particular reason other than the NCAA saying they get it. It gives teams chances that they don’t necessarily deserve. Once Solomon left the game (which was NOT a dirty hit by the way), Arizona couldn’t move the ball against us. They just happened to get lucky and have their back up quarterback complete his only pass of the game when they were in position to score due to the NCAA’s arbitrary rule. Now, we didn’t execute when we had to, but that is beside the point. The problem is the overtime format itself. It should be done like the NFL’s system. Make teams have to earn their points by driving the length of the field, which Arizona obviously was not capable of doing. It undermines the value of special teams when you just give teams field position that they haven’t earned. We lost the game last year against Arizona State in similar fashion again because of the NCAA’s arbitrary rule. Field positioning is part of the strategy of the game, yet, for some arbitrary and anti-competitive reason, the NCAA thinks that it suddenly doesn’t matter anymore just because the game goes to overtime.

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      Ute Fan

      Exactly. They’re kids playing their hardest to execute the called play.
      I don’t like losing especially late at night after spending hours watching in frustration, but ultimately it’s just a game.

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      Yeah it’s just a game. I wake up and get to work on trouble shooting a broken dryer. Life goes on.

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      Tony (admin)

      @mcastleton928 I’m in agreement with you. The overtime format takes away the kicking game as well as a lot of the defensive game. I get they are trying to make it “even” by giving both teams a chance at offense but how about something like this? Each team gets the ball via KICKOFF and has a chance to drive. If they fail to score, they have to kickoff to the other team.

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        Ute Fan

        Tony, this is perfect. My problem with the NFL’s overtime rules is that it’s inherently unfair. Of the 42 overtime games through 2014 with the new OT rules, 57% of teams that won the coin toss won in overtime. So a “chance” coin toss is somewhat determining the outcome of the game because teams who win the overtime coin toss gain an advantage (however slight). I wouldn’t mind an overtime where both teams had the same opportunity to drive the field, but I hate the fact that if a team scores a TD on the first possession in NFL overtime, the game’s over.

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