That is game. Bad fouls, not rebounding or blocking out. On the positive we

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    Played with some passion. 

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    Quickly becoming a fan of this Jo Jo Zman.

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      Daniels has a lot of upside to. 

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    Frustrating first half, fun to watch them battle in the 2nd. Devon Daniels is a player, Bonham still a baller, Zamora can create, and I’m seeing some positives from Jayce Johnson (and also why he’s called “bowling ball in china cabinet”).

    Let’s get Barefield and Collette here next week and play well in Hawaii to get ready for a tough conference slate.

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    Perspective is needed right now. This Utah team was always going to be NIT-bound, and I stand by that. Especially with so many good teams in the PAC12 this year. I’m guessing this team ends up 21-10 or so.

    It’s a rebuilding year. We only had two players of consequence return. This team will improve throughout the year (though their record may not show it because PAC12), and next year this will be a tournament team.

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    Well, we STILL are without Sedrick Barefield and David Collette, who both are likely starters. I think that it is kinda hard to judge this team until those two are eligible.

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    Some of the fouls were very questionable especially the one on Zamora where Xavier absolutely flopped. Add insult to injury that the zebras review to see if the alleged elbow was high enough for a flagrant.

    I totally agree that until Collett and Barefield suit up it is too early to rule out a trip back to the NCAA. Yes UCLA is looking crazy strong. Oregon should be good. Cal and Zona less sure. I think we can be a middle to upper middle team and perhaps be a last 4 in team. Time will tell


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