Wall Street Journal – any delivery subscribers?

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    Ute Fan

    So when I was in Grad school (EMBA program at the U), I had a subscription to the WSJ included with my program enrollment. I got both the paper and digital versions of the WSJ.

    So on December 20th I decided to give myself a subscription to the WSJ again for a Christmas present. I subscribed to both the digital and paper versions, as my mom, son, and girlfriend all are interested in reading it as well and the paper version can be disseminated amongst them where appropriate.

    Here it is, January 4th, and…. I still have not received a paper copy. I’ve complained incessantly, and have multiple people at the WSJ and their local delivery company involved, but for some strange reason, the paper copy simply does not make it to my house.

    Is anyone else subscribing to the WSJ and getting a paper copy?
    Have you had delivery issues?
    Was it like this when you first started getting delivery?

    I realize the responses to this may be minimal, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

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    Ute Bc
    Ute Fan

    Weird. I go on a walk every morning and find a nice WSJ on some dudes drive way. Assume he doesn’t want it. 

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    St George Ute
    Ute Fan

    I got mine through the mail when I lived up in West Jordan, all through the EMBA program and for a couple years after graduation. For whatever reason, they just didn’t deliver early morning in my neighborhood. After moving to St George it was delivered early morning. I don’t get the paper subscription anymore though. Just the digital.

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      Ute Fan

      It was in my driveway when I was in school. I wonder if something’s changed and it’s now by mail?

      I’ll have to check the mailbox. They said they guaranteed it would be delivered today. Nothing yet.

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    Ute Fan

     I only subscribe to the online version. By far and away the best news paper out there but dropped the paper version years ago since the online version is much easier for me. I believe it is also cheaper if you do just the online version?  See if you can get a credit from them and switch to online version only. It is worth a try! Go Utes!


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      Ute Fan

      That would be a great idea if I didn’t want the paper version, for sure.
      I actually use the digital version for myself. The paper version is for my girlfriend and my mom, so I can give them copies of the journal on occassion.
      Paper or Digital is the same price – both is just an addition 15-20% over the one. So it’s not that much more expensive to get both.


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