What did you do to receive your 100 year ban from cougarboard.com?

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      Funny thing is, I’ve participated on that board for almost 10 years, somehow without ever getting banned. I had heard stories of how a lot of Ute fans had been banned for 100 years for very mild trolling, or even for simply posting facts.

      Well, I finally received my 100 year ban. The offense was posting “Please join me in chat, I have big news about BYU and the Big 12”. About 10 minutes later after 50 people had joined me in chat, I edited the topic to “Please join me in chat, I have OLD news about BYU and the Big 12”. And then I proceeded to tell them what I have heard about them not being invited. Banned.


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      Tony (admin)

      Never joined that site.

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        Ute Fan

        Me neither. Not really interested

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      Ute Fan

      i visit most days. don’t post much. bout two years ago, there was a high ranking female soccer recruit that byu landed. people were asking why she chose byu. i posted “because she likes her hair pulled”. i got a warning. if you haven’t seen the video of the new mexico girly pulling the byu girl’s hair, it’s pretty funny

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        That is a very funny video of New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert just going ape on the BYU girls. Elizabeth Lambert should be a hero to all of us who have had to deal with BYU’s shenanigans.

        She’s also a very beautiful girl.

        Beautiful Elizabeth Lambert

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      Tony (admin)

      Obviously the girl was tormented to the point she lost it. That’s what they do.

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        Puget Ute
        Ute Fan

        Yup. You can only get elbowed in the boob and grabbed in the crotch so many times before you flip out.

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      Ute Fan

      That is excellent, Moose.

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      High Uintas
      Ute Fan

      I was a member during the time period leading up to the PAC-12 invite. I was courteous, classy, never swore and always factual but I insisted that Utah was being seriously considered for a PAC invite while BYU was not. My stance elicited many angry responses. I received a warning and suspension for “excessive trolling.” I protested to the head guy that I was saying nothing offensive but the suspension was upheld because I was provoking these responses. It reminded me of Val Hale’s BYU response to the BYU fan who was “provoked to attack the Utah flag waver years ago.” You’re always in the wrong on Cougarboard.

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      Ute Fan

      The first ban was in 2002 when I interrupted a Crowton circle jerk, somebody got snippy with me and I told them to grab a spoon and eat my ass. The second ban was in 2012 when I posted that JD Falslev f-bomb video a bunch of times in quick succession. I regret nothing.

      Moose, your FRANK_ZAPPA account on Cougarboard was sheer brilliance. My only regret is that you weren’t able to carry it on longer. I felt there was more there that needed to be said but was cut short.

      I haven’t been back to Cougarboard since 2012. I’ve felt tempted after big Utah wins and embarrassing BYU losses, but it just doesn’t pique my interest anymore.

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      Ute Fan

      They eternally banned me from the religion category for posting quotes from early Mormon Church leaders about polygamy. I didn’t include any of my personal views — only quotes.

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      Ute Fan

      so did you create a dupe and continue trolling?

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        Yes, I have created another account and have resumed trolling.

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      Ute Fan

      I got the 99 year axe for trolling about the rape charges under Crouton. ‘Free the Provo Seven” was the final straw. I still read it from time to time, especially after a BYU loss.

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      Ute Fan

      Posting a picture of one of my more impressive bowel movements. Wish I had a better answer, but that is the truth.

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