What is it about college football/ ute football that makes it so obsessable?

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        Ute Fan

        Yes, I just made up “obsessable” but I’m just sitting here wondering after looking at this site for the fifth time today… drawn to any tidbit of stimulation related to a season that starts tomorrow, feeling like a kid on Christmas night, wondering why. Why do I love it so much? Besides the obvious, just loving the game of football, some of what comes to mind:

        1- love seeing kids/ players develop and achieve

        2- love all of the rituals related to football games- tailgating, obsessive over-analyzing on fan sites, Saturdays of barely getting off the couch (something I’d never enjoy, except for watching college football).

        This is by no means a comprehensive list… anyone else want to take a “crack” at why we’re all acting like we’re crack (er, ute football) addicts?

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        Ute Fan

        5 times that’s it?? you gotta pick it up a little bit.

        Partly I think the excitement is due to playing better teams, WINNING (with a miserable offense), and the hope and excitement of what could be if the offense steps up to a mediocre level.

        And beating the tds…

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        Ute Fan

        It’s also such a rare commodity.  Each year you only get to see six games or so in person, so each individual game is a special occasion.  It’s also a very communal activity that brings family and friends together that might not have that much else in common.  Finally, I would add, it allows alumni to reexperience the college atmosphere just a little every fall.  The nostalgia for the old alma mater is a big attraction.

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        Ute Fan

        This isnt everybody, but I know this applies to some

        People love to feel apart of something bigger than themselves. Something that they can enjoy with other people sharing that same passion. Its made even stronger when its connected to your hometown/state, which many people naturally have a strong pride and connection with.

        Its an escape from the droll day to day routine and all of the stresses of daily life. For 3 hours on saturday, all of your problems evaporate. Its nice to have that break from everything that weighs on you.

        For fans of a team like Utah, in particular, I think that bond is stronger, because of all of the things this team has going against them. Being that small cold weather school in Utah. Utah isnt a sexy school. Utah isnt the school all the high level talent is dying to go to. You cant wear shorts to class year round. And did I mention we are in UTAH??? There is still an incredible amount of stigma tied to the state And we are in a conference chalked full of teams that are just what I listed. We work for every damn yard we get. Every win we get. We do more with less than any team in the country, and im proud as hell of that. For me, and many others, that ties into passion associated with being a Ute

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        Ute Fan

        Graduating from the U was, at the time a lifelong goal. Financially, socially, environmentally coupled with a lack of brain power my path to a university education wasn’t easy. It’s not an uncommon story but getting that piece of paper took an extraordinary effort.

        The University of Utah is woven into my DNA. It’s as much a part of me as the nose on my face.

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