What ranking will the Utes have come Sunday? (sorry if already posted)

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      Given not a lot of top 17 teams lost, what would you say our new ranking will be. Given our type and manner of victory I think we will be knocking at a 10-13 range. Any thoughts?

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      Really, what reason in the world — based on four games this season — should we be ranked below Michigan State?

      Is voters were honest, we should be Top 10. Doubt we will be though.

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      If we crash the Top 10 it will be at #10. I think that’s fair.

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      I think we land in 12-14 range. It doesn’t matter. If we win all the games (especially if we put on a few more shows like this) we play for a NC. If we loose a game or two we probably won’t be playing for one. So rankings, especially coaches and AP, are worthless. For some reason I’m worried about this Cal game. I take comfort from the fact that last time we beat Oregon we beat a good Cal team the same year.

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      Michigan showed really well and is rising in the eyes of the nation.

      Utah should be 10. But won’t be.

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      I’ve got to think top 10 but with the voters and the SEC bias who knows…

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      1-12 all won or were idle. 14(A&M) won, 15(OKLA) was idle, 16(ARIZ) lost, 17(NW) won a close one against ball State. I imagine we’ll probably jump to 13 or 14. We could get to 10 since FSU (10) and Clemson (11) were idle this week but that would involve us jumping Bama and A&M who both won. I think this is a win that coaches and the AP get caught up in the sensationalism so I’m going to say we’ll jump to 10.

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