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Slimeball AZ players jumping our snap count

The reason for the false starts…

  • leftyjace

    No wonder Kyle’s handshake with RR was super short and sweet. Probably didn’t want to say much because he was miffed at him for trying to pull off something so illegal.

  • I don’t know the tail end of his comments makes it seem like he is more miffed at his coaches. Specifically Harding 8 penalties before they realize to change the count. I remember one exchange Handley was explaining the reason to Whitt in his ear. Whitt is like well you adjust dumbass to Harding. Harding said so $?&@ing fire me.

    It was frustrating that Utah couldn’t adjust which again speaks volumes to the weakness on the offensive side of the ball. I wish Erickson would take over coordinator duties.

    I feel like Whitt is similar to me. You can’t control what the refs or other team do you can control yourself and how you perform so why wasn’t it fixed sooner??

    Edit: The last comment at the end is more flippant frustration with the refs than Rich Rod.

    • noneyadb

      It’s been this way for awhile. ASU last year had figured out their play calls, took until 4th quarter before they made changes. Taking that long to make adjustments is ridiculous.

  • RedLine

    Saw comments saying the Utah and Stanford defenses both call out the snap count. I’ve never heard of Utah doing this. Anybody know if this is true? Or how common it is for teams to do this?

    • Utah has been flagged for it. Utah used to stem a lot back with Anderson. Whitt has moved away from it. Seems like Sitake and Scalley have as well.