73 Days to Kickoff

#73 Tanoa Togiai, RS Freshman DT, 6-6, 310

Tanoa (TAH-noah tong-EE-eye) is from Rigby, Idaho, home of Philo Farnsworth, who created important elements of the television tube.  Utah Coach Lewis Powell’s job is to create NFL defensive tackles from raw HS players.   Powell found Tanoa at Rigby HS, a team that won the 2019 Idaho 5A State Championship, with Tanoa as 5A High Country Defensive Player of the Year, after being 1st team all conference in 2018.    He played basketball and competed in track as well at Rigby.  At Utah, Tanoa did not play in 2020 and appeared in just 2 games in 2021, thus is considered a Redshirt Freshman.  Probably will see more action on special teams this year and with continued development an increasing role thereafter.

Tanoa Togiai on Hudl

#73 Tanoa Togiai

  • James

    Interesting topic. I would venture to say that putting your offense on the field first and scoring first increases the likelihood of winning by a wider margin, especially if the defense is able to get an opening stop. When teams get down 10-14 points, they are more apt to get away from their strengths and game plan. If a “running team” feels the need to “throw the ball” more even though throwing it isn’t their strength, this can often lead to 3 and outs or turnovers. This is what happened to Oregon twice last year and we all know how those games ended up – BLOWOUTS!!

    • PlainsUte

      The argument has been that if your defense can get a stop on the first drive after zero or one first down for your opponent, then your ohfense will start with better field position on their first drive and thus your team has a better chance of scoring first.   Not sure on the stats for teams’ opening field position in this strategy vs. receiving the opening kickoff.

      Also getting the ball first in the second half is seen as desirable; even if you trail after 2 quarters you can go into the lockerroom knowing you have the ball first in the second half to engineer your comeback.