Got rid of the repost error

Written by: Tony | Date: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017
Categories: Development

On the home page I had a “repost error” message for when people would hit the back button or somehow double post from the home page. The way it worked was to check the db for a previous match to the topic/reply content and if it found a match it would throw an error at the user.  The problem with that is two-fold. As the messages table gets bigger, it will take longer and longer for that “check” to happen.  Worse, if someone posts the same message on different days, even years apart, the message will still happen.  It was a good idea to prevent some irritating things from happening, but it turned out to be more irritating for me if I type “awesome” as a reply. That won’t work since I’ve already written that..

Long story short, that “feature” is gonzo.

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