2023 Way Too Early Predictions

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        I like the positive attention we are getting.  It seems that we are in almost everyone’s top ten going into 2022.  The publicity is good for the program.

        Do I feel that we are a top-ten team going into 2022?  I honestly don’t know.  I don’t know what other teams across the nation have.  I do think we are the favorite to win the PAC12.  To be a top-five or even a top-ten team – I think we will need the following:

        1. A solid offensive line from day one.

        2. An improved defensive line when it comes to pressure on the QB.  Also, depth enough that players can rest.

        3. Linebackers who can step in and do the job immediately.  I am optimistic about our linebackers.  But, we are inexperienced.

        4. We need 3 or 4 safeties.  I love what Bishop showed last season.  Two safeties are not enough.  We will need 4 IMO.

        I think we have the rest.  We have a great group of tight ends and running backs.  We have an experienced QB and should have a solid group of corners.

        The key IMO will be how our offensive and defensive lines play in the trenches.

        I am looking forward to seeing how they play in Gainsville on Labor Day weekend.

        Go Utes!!!





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        It’s amazing to me how good Cam Rising is playing (has played) and yet there’s a quiet calm and no over-hype about him, although his numbers do stand up well nationally. He’s really only played one full year, if that, and got the P12 championship. I’m trying to think of what he can do to take a step forward and get better, but I feel like he’s already there. Will be good to see if he and Ludwig take things to another level. 

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          I think what Cam can do to take the next step in 2022 is accuracy—particularly on deep balls. That’s really what elevated Huntley’s game in 2019, IMO. High accuracy and low turnover rate. Another area Ludwig and Rising could learn from 2019 Huntley was their reluctance to let Snoop run. Obviously they were weary of him getting injured in 2019, but the guy is proving to be an elite runner in the NFL and I think it would’ve been nice to see him run more. Rising has shown great running ability thus far, and is built sturdier than Huntley. I know he isn’t injury-proof, but I’d love to see them continue to mix in some run action.

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            Huntley’s running in 2019 was limited because he was already injured. Look at his carries/game through the USC game and then after. He started to get healthy and then took a pounding against ASU which is when Ludwig started inserting Shelley to run rpo’s on 3rd and short. Ironically, that’s when Huntley’s true value as a passer finally became evident since he knew he was one wrong hit away from being out for the rest of the season.

            Rising had a really good game against USC with the deep ball and his completion % reflected that. I’m not sure what happened starting with the ASU game since I didn’t notice an injury or different throwing motion so perhaps that USC was the outlier and the rest of the season was regression to the mean. He definitely needs to work on hitting those tight windows since it will open up so much of the underneath game for him. Getting his completion % up from 64 to the 68-70 range will be huge for his pro prospects. And the good thing is, all he needs to do is put Rose Bowl Stroud on a loop all offseason to see where he needs to put the ball to beat tight coverages.

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          Cam is very good when you consider he is still a couple of games short of a full first year. Currently, he is running with the best group of QBs without putting an order to the group. However, he is one of the those that you should expect his ceiling is still higher. In a second year after an offseason, you can expect that a great QB works hard on their weak points. I think we will see more comfort and accuracy on the long passes.

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        We will find out early.

        Florida game will set the tone

        Win and it could springboard Utah to a special season

        Lose and it will be “see the Pac12 just doesn’t belong in the playoff discussion” and Utah will spend the rest of the season trying to recover.

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