2nd 6’8” commit, Ath Falcon Kaumatule will be a Ute

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      We will have some height coming in for this class.  Not sure where he will play, but it’s nice to be getting a few of these Bishop Gorman players from Vegas, that could be a huge pipeline for us if we keep on it.

      Edit: Looks like we will bring him in as an OT. He is only 245lbs so it’ll take a year or two in the program to get his weight where it needs to be.

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      Pace Manyung
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      Yea! we beat out zoobtown for his services… stacking up on diamonds in the roughs again.


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        Yes. Take a 3* TE and add 80lbs to a 6’8” frame, eh voila!

        All America OT!

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        Ute Fan


        What about us beating out Georgia, Florida, Nebraska, and Oregon for Darren Jones?

        Or us beating out Az St, Oklahoma, and Oregon for Talavou

        Or Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Wazzu for Bernard

        Or Az St, Colorado, Or St, and Wazzu for Felix-Fualolo.  

        So not really sure what your referring to with “stacking up diamonds in the rough.”  Your narrative is pretty weak, FYI.  

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        Ute Fan

        Seriously why do you post on this site? @Pace. You should try Cb.


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