A few brief interactions with a few players yesterday.

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      Jaylen Johnson – Why did you pick Utah? Can’t remember his exact words but it was essentially NFL prep, Shah and Scalley.

      Jackson Barton – This offense is fast, 13 seconds between plays, wear out the defense.

      DHC – Any two back sets? Yes, running different directions spreading the field.

      Armand Shyne – broke his arm while bracing a fall to the ground. Both bones. Said he didn’t know when he would be back. Arm in a hard cast.

      O-lineman – How’s the line going to be this year compared to last? There will be some missteps at first but it will come together as the season progresses. Not going to give his name because I asked him to be honest.

      There is a genuine excitement about our offense among the players. They are obviously buying what Troy Taylor is selling.

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