Analyzing latest scrimmage highlights

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      Everything I can gather from each play
      1. Charlie Brewer pass deep right to Britain Covey for big gain. JT Broughton and Vonte Davis in coverage. Micah Bernard playing RB with the blitz pickup on Devin Lloyd. Solomon Enis and Cole Fotheringham also in routes. Great throw from Brewer. 
      2. Tavion Thomas handoff from Cam Rising for good gain. Big hole that Tavion hit hard and fast. Elludes tackles from either Josh Calvert or Ben Renfro, and Cole Bishop. Karene Reid looks to have made a TD saving tackle. 
      3. Charlie Brewer pass deep left intended for Britain Covey broken up by Malone Mataele. JT Broughton also in area. Theo Howard also in route. 
      4. Cam Rising pass deep right to Kyrese Rowan for a TD. Faybian Marks in coverage with Kamoi’i Latu coming over late. Tavion Thomas with a bit of a missed blitz pickup on Ben Renfro. Good coverage from Marks. Great throw from Cam. 
      5. Cam Rising pass over the middle to Thomas Yassmin for a TD. Karene Reid and Kamoi’i Latu in coverage. Chris Curry also in route. 
      6. Faysal Aden beats Tyler Wegis around left end for a 15 yard TD run. 
      7. Charlie Brewer bubble screen type pass left inteded for Theo Howard intercepted by Devin Lloyd. Great read and jump on the ball by Lloyd; likely pick six. Covey also in route/blocking. 
      8. Charlie Brewer pass over the middle to Solomon Enis for a 15 yard TD. Faybian Marks with good coverage, just a great throw from Brewer. Not a ton of separation on the post route, ball was placed where only Enis could catch it. Good catch too. Theo Howard also in route. Best throw in the highlights IMO with having to fit it in that window while getting it over the outstretched hand of Hauati Pututau
      9. Peter Costelli pass deep left to Dominique Thompson for big gain. Aaron Lowe with good coverage, just a great throw and catch. 
      10. TJ Pledger handoff from Cam Rising. Beats Jonah Eliss around left end. Knocked out of bounds after 10+ yard gain by Andrew Mata’afa and LaCarea Pleasant-Johnson. 
      11. Connor O’Toole wide open TD catch in endzone. Not sure who was QB or in coverage. 
      Takeaway: We got the announcement today, but it was clear to see which QB was playing with the 1s. Interesting that Bernard is who we see most in the 1s clips.

      Final Scrimmage Highlights

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      I’m always really impressed when Bernard gets the ball so that doesn’t surprise me.

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