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      Ute Fan

      saying they’re a current freshman at the university, asking 20+ questions and then asking for a small donation? This is the second call I’ve gotten this year and if these calls are really from the U and not a scam, it seems very desperate.

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      Ute Fan

      They have been calling me like this for the past year and really stepped up the frequency a couple of months ago. I have repeatedly asked them to remove me from their list and stop calling to no avail. It got so bad that a couple of weeks ago I ended up creating a rule on my phone to block all phone calls from (801) 585-xxxx and (801) 587-xxxx that aren’t Contacts in my phone.

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      Ute Fan

      I’ve gotten them in the past.  Asking what you do for a living, how your education helped you get to where you are, if you are willing to donate to the law school schools of behavioral sciences or engineering or whatever you graduated from?

      i told them I already donate plenty to Crimson Club and to stop calling me 

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        Ute Fan

        I want/hope to give back someday. I would LOVE to do so. The simple reality is, I have to take care of my house first. And, at the moment, I am currently paying back my student loans, so I am sending money their way every month. Ridiculous amounts of money. 

        So, when I have my retirement in order, when I have my loans shored up, etc, that is when I will get to the time when I start giving money to large corporations. 

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          Ute Fan

          I paid one kid’s way through his bachelor’s degree about five years ago, then when I had to face paying for another kid’s tuition recently, it was DOUBLE. 

          Screw ’em.

          Yes, my education was paid for by a scholarship, my degree gave me a comfortable career, and I should be grateful but here’s what I’m looking at:

          Name In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition
          University of Utah $7,835 $25,057
          Public 4 Yr College in UT $5,503 $16,382
          College in UT $12,863 $15,188
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      Ute Fan

      Yeah, they call me once a year for a donation. I just ask them to skip the questions and I will send the check. This seems to work well for them and saves me a bunch of time.

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      Ute Fan

      My oldest son is at the U and they recently called me to donate to the Parent Fund. I told them I am already helping to pay for my son to go to college so I am not donating at this time. So they came back extolling how wonderful the Parent Fund is and then asked again for a LARGER amount. I said you have got to be kidding me, you obviously didn’t listen to me the first time and whoever is scripting your campaign needs to be fired!

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