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        Ute Fan

        In the first half we spaced the floor very well, ran creative sets, the bigs flashed and moved to space when someone penetrated and it looked like we were putting up an 80-Berger.

        but then I’m the second half  it looked like we went right back to our old ways with a big just sitting on the block(all of them did) clogging the lane and gumming up our offense…  and we put up about 20 points?  

        I just don’t understand.

        at least Martinez is getting time.  He’s a dude.  




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        Larry doesn’t seem to make any kind of positive adjustments, or any adjustments at all during halftime or during the 2nd half of the game. 

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          Ute Fan


          Its as though our staff is under the impression that the other team is going back to the locker room for koolaid and orange slices. They’re going to make an adjustment and I’m not sure the current staff is able to forecast what that would be. At the very least I hope they are asking themselves, if I were playing us how would I stop us?

          I’m sure it’s not that elementary and I’m sure the staff knows leagues and leagues more about basketball than I do but any game we punch a good team in the mouth (and not just this year) the other team seems to come back with more purpose than we seem prepared for. 

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            Ute Fan


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            Ute Fan

            Is it possible that the coaches are adjusting, but the players aren’t correctly making the adjustments as coached? Either through inexperience or inability?

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              Ute Fan

              Anything is possible but seems like they’d burn through timeouts to correct issues if that were the case. I’d also not expect back to back losses when they held a double digit lead at the half if coaching and corrections were being made between games. But I dunno like I said anything is possible. Just seems like new year same script to me. 

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