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    I mean you’re right. There is a case of what should be and what’s prudent for the school at this time.

    1. If scalley is unable to effectively execute his job now then he’ll be fired. The school isn’t wrong for doing what it needs to do there necessarily. But on a moral level it’s absolute garbage that we live in a time where it would go…[Read more]

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    “Cancel culture is so mean. Who doesn’t use the occasional n-word around their co-workers?” Yeah, this sentence is some BS for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is that it completely mis-characterizes what is known about the Scalley situation.

    If it the evidence shows that scalley is a racist then fire his racist ass.

    But as it stand…[Read more]

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    Is Utah bringing the team onto campus June 1 to get things rolling???

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    Ten em Carlson…

    I guess I overlooked all those freshman cause they all weigh like 250 and that seems a tad light to play the middle. But they’ve got slot of time to out on the weight! Haha my bad.

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    This Peter Costelli commitment got me all excited and I started perusing the roster and noticed something…
    isn’t pretty much every D tackle on our roster a senior this year?
    Do we have any d tackles that aren’t?  Who’s in the pipeline for 2021 other then the younger Fotu?
    who the linebacker contributors that will join Devon…[Read more]

  • Utah was top 50 in sacks given up. And it was only that bad because of the outlier games where we all agree they were outmatched. Take away those two (Oregon and Texas) and it’s like a sack per game. Even leaving in usc. Huntley helped but no qb is magic. He had good protection(Oregon and Texas and usc aside).

    If you have a crappy oline, t…[Read more]

  • Yeah. We were so spoiled with that epic run of special teamers

    I’m not sure any team in the country could possible expect a run like that ever again.

  • No it wasn’t. They were great against 11 teams. And we play in the pac-12.

    They were not an embaressment either. The oline started 2 freshman and a sophomore. And least in hindsight, let’s have a spoonful of reality if you don’t mind.

  • I think the problem was more acute then just laying an egg. I think 6 position groups were primed for a historic year and played like it.

    1 was not. The o line. But it wasn’t that they weren’t good, they were just young. They mauled a lot of p5 competition this year en route to producing a GOAT running back. They were just too young to hol…[Read more]

  • Hit the nail on the head Rick. Agree on all points. Batin is fine. He’s not a star but he can make shots and contribute.

    Our offensive scheme was disjointed garbage. And games were there for the taking if they could’ve ran something competent…

    I’m shocked this staff couldn’t put something better out there with the talent on this squad. Shocked.

  • I’m off the Larry wagon. But this transfer isn’t the kind of transfer to stress about.

    Carlson came on big time this year. And when your fellow freshman firmly plants himself as a four year starter in your position it’s hard to blame a kid for packing up and heading out… there are other centers that can back up Carlson. It doesn’t need to…[Read more]

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    Both is the truth!
    he should have been doing this all year!!
    wed be a tourney team!!!
    we do it right on the defensive end of the floor.
    i just hope and pray that this isn’t gach’s swan song and that he teased me with such a scintillating performance before going to star for some other team.

  • I’ve been able to square myself with the state of the program for a lot of years.

    But not this year. I see NCAA tourney level talent that coach hasn’t been able to coach into the tourney.

    Credit to k for bringing in the talent and credit to him for a lot of things. But the way he’s coached this years offense has me pulling my hair out.

  • I think you underestimate how good this team is.

    A baller point guard in Rylan
    An nba talent in both gach
    A center that can do anything.
    Timmy Allen is all conference already.

    And some really good supporting cast players
    Jantunen is a great defender and post player
    Brenchley and Plummer are both really good.

    I’m not saying they’re sweet 16…[Read more]

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    Donovan was fabulously efficient tonight. Just check that stat line!

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    Utah lacrosse played tough on the road vs. a ranked Lehigh time yesterday.
    got dominated at the face off x, or so it appeared.  And the seemed to be the difference in the game( I only got to watch the back third)
    point is, two years in, this progeam looks pretty solid already.  Probably way ahead of schedule.
    on another note for my lax…[Read more]

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    Has the Pac-12 improved its basketball ref situation this year???
    just seems like foul counts are Down, they’re letting teams play for a change and there is less absurd foul calls.
    It seems Utah had a reasonable foul count and that Oregon osu game had a tight foul count too.
    on the other hand… the Utah state game had 49 foul calls.  This…[Read more]

  • Yeah how is it we can’t get Denver? Maybe they’re big timing us because they have the premier program in the west and don’t want us digging into their competitive advantage. We looked good today though!

    Does are ride translate to the rest of the year???

    Anybody have any knowledge on if Utah is targeting a conference affiliation?

    I have to pi…[Read more]

  • I really think once this team learns to pass it’s going to open things up. And it started last night. It was ugly but they’ll clean it up and look a lot better as conference play rolls on.

  • He was so dang good for so long!

    You’re right, they’ve scouted him and now he needs to take the next step as a passer.

    Az state was impressive the way they passed out of the double and whipped the ball around!
    Hope everybody took note.

    I think we started to do that yesterday but we’re just babies at it… but I really like that we’ve…[Read more]

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