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      Ute Fan

      Things I’m looking for for next year…
      1. Brandon Carlson learns a spin move/drop step to his left hand. That and a little more weight(I’m not sure how much can be packed on that lean frame)and he’ll be almost unstoppable with all his other tools.

      2. Add a shot creator. I’m sure Smith will add some nice talent in the offseason. If that talent can be a scoring point guard, that’ll be huge. We’ll have some great spacing if we have a guy that can force the issue. Saunders is that kind of talent but…. He gone. Hoyt has some chops in the “get to the rim” area. Needs to make better decisions.

      3. Exacte and/or Tarlac to grow into rotation pieces.

      If we can add:
      1. New guy and Bostyn Hoyt playing to his potential (I.e. shot creators)
      2. Tarlac/exacte becoming rotation guys


      Madsen(improved mid range)
      Carlson(with a left hand)
      Stefonovic(slashing in improved spacing)
      Ben Carlson
      Keba Keita(Freak athlete)

      Then That’s a team that’ll have shooting, size, shot creation and defense because smith will make it so.

      I like Rollie as part of the rotation. He’s huge and has handles and takes care of the ball. But if he’s coming off the bench that’ll be a sign that we’re pretty dang good.

      I hope we can get all that done. I loved the steps we took this year and really think we have a chance to breakout next year! Praying we can play some NIT or CBI or something so we can keep sharpening the sword.

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      Ute Fan

      Sounds like you have it all planned out. When you let the coach know what to do tell him we need a power forward like Carl Malone and a point guard like John Stockton, also he should find a Kareem like center.

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        Ute Fan

        Damn right I do.  I’ll be sure to pass the word.

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          Ute Fan

          The next time Brandon Carlson makes a shot turning over his right should (going left) will the first time. It would be silly for him to try to go to the NBA when he plays with one hand.

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            Ute Fan

            Haha yup… I screamed many a time at me tv…  “drop step left!”

            they all hedge to take away his right.  And if he had a left hand he’d have been laying it in.  He went there a couple times.  For sure needs some work.

            he’ll be a real tough guard if he can add that.

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            Ute Fan

            The next time Rollie and Anthony don’t play the entire game, well, I’ll believe it when I see it. Yes Anthony graduated but somehow I still fully expect to see Anthony in the starting lineup with Rollie come next season, no matter how many mistakes or poor shooting or other things that gets every other player on the roster benched.

            Why would any guard like Saunders choose to come here when they just saw Saunders get almost no time all season.

            I am curious what Smith’s coaching and teams look like with no Anthony and Rollie. I just can’t imagine it because I’ve never seen it, 1 or both are always on the court (baring blowouts and injury).

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              Ute Fan

              It’s safe to say the book on Saunders is that he didn’t want to be coached, practice hard, etc…  also… lest we forget, he got alot of run early in the season and didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

              Anthony has no more eligibility left.

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