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    What do we know about the extent of Jonny Maea’s injury?

  • Barring injury to Huntley, we look to be positioned for a great year in 2019. The real question is how far can our OL and WRs take us. Common knowledge that our OL was mediocre in 2018 and we lost three of them to graduation. The two who remain plus Ford should all be improved next year. The real question is whether Daniels, Maile, Maea, BAM,…[Read more]

  • Herm Edwards thinks that he has the silver bullet when recruiting against Utah. All he wants is to secure the last visit so he can play the diversity card. I can just hear him saying, “we embrace diversity here, I am a minority you are a minority. Why would you ever want to go play with a bunch of white candy ass Mormons.” In truth, Utah’s team…[Read more]

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