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      As dominant as our performance was against USC consider that it could have been much worse. We played without our number 1 receiver (Kuithe), our number 2 receiver (Kincaid) was severely limited, and our number 3 receiver (Vele) was effectively eliminated due to his injury. If someone had told you that we would be without Vele and that Kincaid would only catch 4 passes what would you have estimated our chances to be? 

      Their vaunted offense consisted mainly of long completions to wide-open receivers due to missed assignments. Several of these completions came on third or fourth down so we would have gotten the ball back. Their longest run from scrimmage was a Williams scramble where we missed at least 5 easy tackles. Without blown coverages (mostly from Hubert I think) they might have only scored one or two touchdowns. 

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      We outscored them 44-7 in last 40 minutes.  That is taking them to the woodshed.

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      It could have been much worse for us too.

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      What if Addison did not go down injuries in the first game??

      What if Williams was 100% this whole game?

      What if…

      What if…

      What if we didn’t have this Zoob like post?

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