• I was at the game as well and those were, as pics said, the crowd yelling “KUUUUUUUZZZZ”

  • At the game the weren’t showing any replays for the most part, what is y’alls opinion of the hit, live it looked like he was already going in for the hit when Mangum decided to slide and I know his helmet came off so with a QB sliding you’re going to get the penalty but it looked like more of his upper arm and maybe a little shoulder glanced off…[Read more]

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    I was in the NE end zone and some strangeness in several groups of people kept moving all over the place and there were a few 4-7 empty seat spots which was surprising to me. Also this was my 3rd rivalry game in RES and this was by far my best experience, it could be in part because it felt like most of the fans were expecting the loss but hoping…[Read more]

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    I was at the game and wished they could generate more pass rush/pressure but on 2 on the INT’s Kylie’s pressure is what forced the throw, so I think that should count, also seems he got a couple other hurries/pressures as well.

  • They’re saving their offense for conference play.

    Really though I’m going to enjoy tonight but I’m going to be worried all week just like I always am if for no other reason then what the OP said, this has been, will be and IS their biggest game of the season. We all loved Sitake when he was here and so we’ll see how/if he can get them back and…[Read more]

  • I’ll believe it when I see it called against USC or against a team the U is playing, seems like the AZ schools get away with a bit of offensive interference with the WR’s when playing the U but I always chalk it up to they don’t call that against the WR’s unless its blatant and so far the ones I’ve seen called this year aren’t nearly as bad what…[Read more]

  • Or maybe he’s cushioning the blow/news. By saying it looks bad and if it ends up being less serious then the news is easier to stomach, like if he says it could be season ending or at least 4-5 weeks and then it’s less fans are like oh okay that’s good news.

  • See that’s the problem with the penalty, we still don’t know and we’re still guessing and speculating that tells me what I thought at the time, very weak and at best very ticky tack.

    But whatever it is what it is and I’m sure there’s a thread all about complaining about the refs.

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    I may have missed people saying it because I don’t remember reading it BUT if anybody was bad mouthing or using negatives toward Troy Williams as a way to promote or give reasons as to why Tyler Huntley should have won the starting job than that is a poor argument and I would ignore it, and would prove to be a weak/no real point or argument.…[Read more]

  • Also keep in mind that if the old Oregon coaching staff didn’t get fired he wouldn’t get dismissed, on top of that this new coaching had to come in and be the disciplinarians and draw a line in the sand so to speak.

    Also I will admit if somehow someway he chose to go down to TDS I would be making fun of them (not that I usually need a reason) but…[Read more]

  • Not that I don’t believe you but uhmmm where did you hear this and do you have a link, just to appease my inner voice of “I don’t wanna believe you cause I don’t like this news”

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    Pretty sure Moeai had a couple of short gains but don’t remember seeing Handley at all. I was saying in the chat last night that I was hoping to see more of the double TE spread out in the red zone get those big bodies to shield off the defenders, obviously with Patrick being on the field.

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    It does seem like the DLine always has 1 injury and most of the time it is a major or season ending injury and that’s not taking into account the other injuries (not the little nicks and dings you get out of every game).

    Hope he wants and gets the red shirt.

  • I heard it on the radio but didn’t say how serious, hopefully it’s not 3 weeks and it’s just this week.

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