The “weak o-line” provided for 247 yards on the ground.

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      Ute Fan

      Utah out gained USC in total yards. We didn’t finish in the red zone though. I hate the run pass option at the goal line. Run play action boot leg and get Huntley moving in space. That’s my armchair advice.

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      Absolutely.  He needed to run play action, rollouts… The straight drop back stuff was killing us with all the penetration the USC D had. How many yards did Huntley have? 

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah. Huntley had 60 yards. Utah averaged 5 yards per carry. USC averaged 1 yard per carry. You would think we win that game.

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      Dante Guardi
      Ute Fan

      they also caused a safety which gave USC 2 points, the ball and a TD

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      Ute Fan

      Poor red zone play was a huge factor tonight.  I think it was 7 times inside the 30 and only 2 TDs.


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      Ute Fan

      Yep the only real coaching issue I had was the goal line play calling, it was clear USC was blitzing, it was clear the O line couldn’t pass block and the slow developing play had no chance to develop with multiple people in the back field before Huntley could even hand the ball off. Also not sure why not have a few role out plays, move the pocket as Huntley has proven he can throw on the move, however with the pass “blocking” for lack of a better word, again apologies to the word blocking, it’s hard to say if the rollout would’ve rolled Huntley to an unblocked defender or not.

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      Ute Fan

      Most of the runs/yards took place on the edges and not through the center of the line. I am calling that more speed than blocking that led to the yards. Know your enemies weakness and that was USC d ends. Most of Huntley’s yards are due to broken blocking or no one open.

      Also secondary was a huge letdown tonight. Talk a bunch of s**t but did not come close to backing it up.

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      Ute Fan

      What would that adjust to with their penalties and how was the pass blocking?  Didn’t we get a lot of those rushing yards on the edges and with Huntley’s broken play scrambles.  Don’t cherry pick this, you need to grade the entire performance.

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      Ute Fan

      Most all of these yards were either outside runs where speed got the edge or scrambles where Tyler Huntley miraculously avoided a sack and made a fantastic athletic play. Pass protection was AWFUL. Huntley got hit on almost every throw. Extremely porous. Run blocking was not only bad on individual matchups, the blocking wasn’t assignment sound at all. Multiple plays with unblocked players in the backfield. Anything slow developing or anything with technical blocking schemes was a bust.. if you watch the film on this game you will realize how awful the line actually played. Not to mention all the holds and procedural penalties on the O line.


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