Charlie Brewer is legit

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        CB [Execute Podcast]
        Ute Fan

        According to Josh Pate, Brewer is the most underrated college football transfer in the entire country of 2021. Let the red kool-aid continue to flow my brothers.

        Charlie Brewer

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        Larry B
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        I hope he’s right. Jake Bentley had a lot of hype going into the season, too. We all know how that went.

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          Ute Fan

          Did he though?

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          Ute Fan

          I was worried about the same thing. But after hearing the way Whitt has been talking about CB and seeing him play in our offense for the 1st time in the Spring game, I’m on board the hype train…choo choo!!!

          I realize CB couldn’t get hit during the Spring game and it’s a lot different when pressure is real etc…but the way he went 15 for 15 was what showed me he’s for real. The dude just looked so confident and smooth.

          Anyway, I’m so excited about this season. We’ve got ourselves a great QB1 and a leader that’s going to give us a shot. Will we win the South? PAC 12 Championship? Will we be smelling roses? Who knows….lots of things have to fall into place for all of that to happen. But I feel confident now that CB gives us a legitimate shot at achieving these “next steps” in the progression of our program. Go Utes!!

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            Ute Fan

            Yeah, I’m on the train practically bathing in red kool-aid now. Winning the South is our floor I think at the moment. Winning the PAC 12 will not be easy, but dang it we can do it.

            Strengths: LB, TE, RB, and QB.
            Not sure: O line, D line, Special teams, and CB
            Weaknesses: Safety and WR

            Apparently there are WR basically committed but we don’t know who they are. I haven’t heard anything else but I’m excited. Safety problems we can make up for if our D line and LB give so much pressure they can’t attack us. WR isn’t coverable in that sense so, pray that our guys stay healthy and we find some burners in the portal.

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