Colton Swan..

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    Pace Manyung
    Ute Fan

    O’l Colton comes from Idaho (go figure) and went to Weber St on scholarship that is.

    Sounds like a kwhitt hire to me



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    Ute Fan

    So I guess it would be safe to say…

    …wait for it …

    This is not his first rodeo.

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    Ute Fan

    Yes, Whit’s done a real s**tty job hiring defensive coaches that’s for sure.  Another year of giving up points out the wazoo!

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    Ute Fan

    Good eye Pace.

    Although, KW has an eye for people with Defensive intelligence. Pace, I know it is early, but I would be more worried about your Cougars losing their opener this year to a tune of……… (I lost count)

    9 straight….. :]


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