Crow taste good on a Sunday morning

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    Pace Manyung
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    I’m eating crow and loving it.  Utes came out of halftime and did something I haven’t seen in a long time – played to win.  I wish I could feel all in for the AZ game but the scars of past WTF loses are hard to shake.  Ute coach’s need to be on the top of their game this week


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    Ute Fan

    If I had a Coaching play of the game last night it would be tied between going for it on fourth down and Moss scoring.  Or those 3 points before half. That was well executed, against Washington they tried that if you remember and Huntley made a bad pass for an INT. 


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    Don’t worry about the WTF loss, we already got that out of the way. Not against WSU , I expected that game to be a toss up. Our WTF loss was the unimpressive win against NIU.

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      Yes – although I think you can make the argument we’ve already had 2 WTF losses in those two games… WSU is a good team and the Palouse is a weird place to play, but for me the WTF was the *way* we lost that game. Either way, I endorse the “WTF loss(es) are out of the way” theory.

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        I think it was Udub. I keep saying they are overrated but I really do believe they are. Utah had tons of chances and got in their own way repeatedly.  Stanford was damn near perfectly executed by the offense tho. 

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    Utes 59

    Cats 2

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      Ute Fan

      you’re assuming PAC12 refs know what constitutes a safety. they blew that against UA a few years ago

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        They blew a holding call. It’s okay though. We got it done.

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          They don’t know a hold or a target if it is right in front of them. 

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    I don’t think anyone who has been pointing out the obvious failings of the coaches/players have anything to eat crow about.
    It’s been rightly noted that we haven’t been running enough, that Huntley holds the ball too long, that there are too many sideline passes vs. down the middle, too many drops, and that the play-calling hasn’t allowed the offense to build confidence going forward in a game.

    So it should be unsurprising that in a game where all of the above doesn’t feature prominently, we suddenly seem competent.

    Now let’s keep it up.


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