Dennis Dodd wrote about the 7 likely playoff “crashers”

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      Utah is included, but he says their only shot is to “win out and.. pray”. It shows Utah’s SOS at 91st, which is well below every other team mentioned.
      Thanks for the stellar OOC schedule this season, Chris Hill. Scheduling TDS as the A game is really paying off.

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      Ute Fan

      Yep.  Our non-conference schedule really sucked this year.  In fact, the only non-conference schedule we had that DIDN’T suck since joining the Pac-12 was our 2015 season.  2011 and 2014 were barely tolerable.  None of the other schedules can be spoken of in front of women, children, or your local bishop.

      That said — as much as I HATE seeing the indy-WACers on our schedule every year — we need to do something about dumping those annual bodybag games vs. FCS teams (including Weber St and Southern Utah) first, and then scrapping any team from the MAC second!  Losing the zoobs should be our third priority!

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        Ute Fan

        Next year just as bad


        Montana St

        Wyoming (though Wyoming did get 2 votes for AP #25 this week).   I assume they are still the ASU of the Mtn West, so injury risk as well.

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