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        I haven’t either. I grew up in southern California with dreams to go to USC. However, allegiances change. I don’t give a damn about them. 

        That said, the PAC12 Championship goes through SLC in 2022. Period. No team against the U has a chance in 22. 

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        I cannot recall who was anti-Yogi a few days back but he loves Utah. Yes he coached at SC but played at Pitt. In fact Yogi almost always give the Utes the benefit of the doubt. And we all know he’s right, this is our window to make the CFP.

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          He’s a hype man, he loves every single pac program. The smartest thing he’s said lately is that USC still has to prove they’re on Utah’s level, even after the Lincoln Riley parade of praise. 

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            Yogi is definitely a “hype guy” for the conference. I think that’s his job. He will gush over whomever is the strongest team(s). He has spoken openly about doing presentations before the CFP committee in behalf of whichever P12 team is the best candidate to be ranked in or near the top 4. Last year that was Oregon. This year as long as the Utes rank high (assuming they start top ten) he will hype the living daylights out of the Utes with the hope that the conference can get a CFP team.

            He also speaks positive of all programs in the league, but extra will be given to the best CFP candidate week in and week out.

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