I work with a guy who’s a Penn State alum and diehard fan

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      This guy even flies out to ~4 Penn St games each year. He feels Utah shouldn’t be losing too much sleep over the Bowen situation. He said the Utah media was overhyping Bowen from the beginning, and that he was known for taking plays off and inconsistency. 

      I would rather have talented, inexperienced LB’s who dogfight every play than a grad senior who’s mentally in and out of it. 


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      Bowen who? #nextmanup

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      Makes sense he left for one main reason, he could not live up to the incredible hype and heightened expectations. He folded rather than disappoint, which is well disappointing. In some ways you have to respect him for that. The shame is Utah needed him or his talent this year, the team lost a guy over it, and he had a chance to do well for himself on a team that could be special. Given Kyle’s success with guys like Manny, it’s surprising he bombed.

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        The most irritating thing is wasing a roster spot. 


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