I would rate this class as much higher than 11th

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    Addressed needs and gained some transfers that can play immediately. According to Gunther Bam looks good but raw. Kind of a gamble. I kind of want Hans Olsen’s opinion on the matter. 

    I would rate it as a very good class with some wait and see.  Which can be said of every class across the entire nation sans Clemson or Bama. Who are at a level they can only pivot on. 

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    Wilmore had 19 d1 offers. He rushed for like 6000 plus in three years of High School. On paper is this the best looking RB recruit Utah has ever had?

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    Dante Guardi
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    This class is ranked 9th

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      Which seems low again add Rising and Bowen? 

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        I don’t believe Rising and Bowen count.  Also, we’re ranked 6th by average rating on 247 which is more informative IMO considering the difference in available scholarships.  

        We’ve had some great runningbacks at Utah, but Wilmore is easily the highest rated that we’ve ever had…  Honestly, the Jayden Daniels loss tainted this recruiting cycle, but Rising’s transfer mostly neutralized it.  We missed on some of the biggest names, but those were all long shots.  Overall this was a better recruiting year than many are giving credit for.  With Bam, Laumea, Rising and Wilmore…I’m feeling pretty good.  Would it be better if we picked up some of the big names like Nacau and To’oto’o?  Sure!…but we have to be honest with ourselves in where we rank in the pecking order, and realize that it takes a lot of time to move up.  Fans are impatient.  It takes a lot of time to build a reputation like the big contenders.  

        Hopefully, Jones will qualify on the academic side as that would be some great icing in the cake.

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          Correct, transfers don’t count. Nephi Sewell was also a big transfer pickup.

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        We aren’t the only team to pickup some highly rated transfers, so including them would have a minimal impact on overall ranking because the rankings would factor in everyone else’s transfers. 


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