I’ll eat some Crow (IE: Williams)

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    I’ve been banging the Huntley drum ever since he left the AZ game and said with him we would have beat Stanford and USC.  I owe Williams an apology.  With our bad Oline play and confusing play calling I’m not sure either really would have had a chance today, but Williams didn’t deserve the bashing.

    There were some plays today to be made and Huntley didn’t make them.  I’m not really sure where to focus my frustrations as the D looked just as bad as the O.  This team needs to figure out who they are.

    Oh, and F#$@ the refs today.  They didn’t make us lose(we can do that on our own), but they called a terrible game.

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    Ute Fan

    Yeah, this was not the right game to bring Huntley back. Not sure if we still win with Williams or not, but Huntley seemed out of sync all game, and clearly was not 100%.


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