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      Ute Fan

      Utah has two weeks to rest and recover in preparation for UCLA. Anyone have a sense for any injuries from yesterday? I know Bam went out. Others?

      What about lingering injuries with other guys?

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      Ute Fan

      Umana, Paolo and Huntley could all use the bye.

      I also think Moss needs a week to recover he just looks a little tired. Utah’s defense looks healthy and I think JJ got banged up a little. 

      Things to work on? They need to figure out the punting game. Did Wishnowsky get to study under Hackett?  Is that why there is such a drop off in ability?  Lennon is the most inconsistent player who handles the ball on the team. Like to see some work done there. I also noticed something from UW tackling. They kept sweeping their hands across the chest of Utah players. It paid off with the Vickers fumble. I think it is the way Utah players carry the call. Something to watch for going forward. Whitt also talked about something in his postgame that he said UW discovered. Not sure but I bet a lot of film will be digested and recruits will be visited. 

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      Ute Fan

      I agree about JJ. he didn’t look like he could fully stride in the second half to catch a receiver. Glad we have a Bye week.

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