Just listened to an interview with our new BB coach

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      I was out running errands and Bill Riley had a nice 20-minute interview with coach Smith.  If I didn’t know anything about the state of our program and had just listened to this interview – I would think we would be competing for the PAC 12 championship.  This guy does not lack enthusiasm.  Here are a few tidbits from his interview.

      – They still have 3 scholarships open.  They are looking at a few portal guys, but he won’t fill the openings just to fill them  He wants guys who fit their program and admitted that it is possible (not likely) they end up not using any of these three scholarships.

      – He really likes the guys he has.  He talked about each and made them all sound like potential all Americans.

      – The schedule should be finalized in a few weeks.  He mentioned that the University has a few contract obligations that they are legally committed to play.  He says that they should be playing in a tournament.  He did not say when or where, but that it was in a warm-weather destination in the continental United States.

      – The staff is actively recruiting for the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

      He is excited.  You have to love his enthusiasm.  I don’t know if this will translate into victories this season, but I think he has a long-term plan.  


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