Key to tomorrow’s win

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      Ute Fan

      Both teams are relatively healthy (they are out a few receivers (including Mycah Pittman)/we will most likely be missing Thompson).  No edge there.  

      Both teams are solid in all 3 phases.  Slight edge to our D, offense is a wash and slight edge to their Special Teams.

      The key is how each team handles the slop and a lot of that has to do with luck.  Remember the wet second half last year’s Holiday bowl against NW?  Worries me…

      Heavy rain and 20 mph wind should slow the game down which is to our advantage.  Going to be a mud fight!!

      Flying out of Boise tomorrow.  Hope the plane is full of red.  Tired of only seeing BSU and BYU blue up here in Idaho!!

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t get the slight edge to Oregon in special teams. Their FG% sucks. 2nd to last in the conference at 54.5%. Oregon has always sucked at FG. We are 71.4%, middle of the conference.

      Punting, we are the worst at 39.8, Oregon 43.0. They can have the 3 yards.

      Punt return, Oregon is good. 2nd best in the conference 15.9 ave, we are 11.0.

      Punt return advantage is easy to take away. Kick high or out of bounds, sacrifice some yardage but 100% negates a big return.

      Given their glairing s**tty FG kicking, I think we have at least a slight advantage in special teams.

      We are better than Oregon in practically any and all relevant measures. I give Oregon the edge in nothing.

      We should, and will, win this game.

      Why we win, Utah best at everything

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        Central Coast Ute
        Ute Fan

        Personally I think the weather favors Oregon. Utah likes to run the ball but if you stack the box, no big deal, Huntley will hurt you with his arm so teams have to respect that. The weather takes some of that away. Just my two cents and maybe I’m completely wrong. I still think Utah wins, ut in good weather I think they win by 14.

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      Ute Fan

      I like the confidence. Only hope we don’t end up saying. “if only it hadn’t rained!”

      Biggest game in program history IMO. Sugar bowl was big but we didn’t have the microscope on us like this game. ALL eyes will be on this game….

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      Ute Fan

      The Oregon kicker missed a 24 yarder against Oregon State and a 20 yarder vs ASU. He made a 32 yarder vs Oregon State. Guessing that given the field conditions tomorrow they won’t bother having him kick from outside the 20 if the yardage to gain isn’t more than a few yards.

      “Lewis, a true freshman, missed a 20-yard field goal and PAT in the No. 6 Ducks’ 34-6 win over Arizona to fall to 5 for 9 (55.6 percent) on field goals this season, which does not qualify statistically but would tie for 108th nationally, and 42 of 44 on PATs.

      “He missed and I know he feels awful for it, but we got to press on and get better,” Oregon coach Mario Cristobal said. “Football is still a development sport. That guy is very talented. He has done it before; he’s done it in practice. Got to get back out there to work (Tuesday) to get better and do it again.””

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