multiple bad calls today

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    Ute Fan

    1.  the no call on PI against the rams

    2.  overturning the edelman muff.  how could you overturn that???  no indisputable evidence IMO

    3.  roughing the passer on brady when the defenders hand waved in front of his eyes.  oh, it was too close to tom’s head.

    overall, both games were probably decided by bad calls.  both losing teams got screwed.

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    #1 might be the worst call/no-call in the history of the NFL.

    #2 Could’ve gone either way. Personally, I didn’t see where the ball actually touched him which in my mind is conclusive enough and they made the right call to overturn it.

    #3 I missed that play, so no opinion there.

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    Ute Fan

    It all evens out somehow someway. Brady goes home to his mansion and his super model wife sleeps on his bed of hundeys and cries himself to sleep thinking of perceived bad calls in a game. 

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    Ute Fan

    Not sure what replays you saw, but it was 100% clear that he didn’t touch the punt.

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      Ute Fan

      I would say 98%.  The one angle kind of looked like the tip of the ball knicked a finger.  I thought it would be “the call of the field stands” just like the first reviewed catch by Hogan.  Either way if Ford doesn’t line up offsides they get the INT and game is essentially over.

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    It almost felt like the NFL refs were jockeying the games to get OTs in both games and end with the teams they wanted in the big game in the game.

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      Yep. The NFL has been rigged for years.

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    Dante Guardi
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    same thing happened to mahomes earlier in the game

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    Dante Guardi
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    and the chiefs got revenge for the muff by getting the INT

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    Moved to NFL category. 🙂

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    Central Coast Ute
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    After looking at #2 from multiple angles it was indisputable that he did not touch it. KC got the ball back and scored a TD anyway. They still lost.

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    Ute Fan

    Sure felt like the PAC12 officials were reffing the Saints/Rams game. That was the worst non-call PI I have ever seen. The same player got away with another pretty blatant PI earlier in the game as well.

    The “roughing” on Brady was bad too. Man, I am really sick of seeing the Pats in the Super Bowl. The sooner that Belichick and Brady retire, the better.

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    after watching all the angles, i couldn’s see where the ball hit edelman.  very gray tho.


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