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      I’m thrilled to announce that the new IOS Ute Hub app is NOW AVAILABLE in the Apple App Store! The new Android version was released a few days ago. If you have the app installed already, there should be an update available. If you don’t have it yet, search “Ute Hub” in the app store.

      It has been over two years since the last update. I started working on this update a little more than a year ago, and ramped up the work over the last few months. There are not any new “features” in the app, but it is a complete rewrite to take advantage of newer technology, eliminate unnecessary libraries, and eliminate bloat. Now the app is 64 bit instead of 32 bit, so it should be much faster and able to take advantage of the processing power of newer mobile devices.

      I fixed a bunch of things that I thought needed improvement. I found some of the text was too small and thin to read so in many cases I worked to make the text more readable. I also bumped up the size of many of the buttons and tappable icons to make them easier to tap. Some bugs were fixed, like sorting of the rosters by number, polls display problems and so forth. I also added a whole new engine for navigation which functions the same as before only better.

      Thanks to all volunteer testers!

      There was a very annoying issue with the apple app store where I would add testers but it would not notify them or allow them to test.  So after waiting for several days for that to be resolved I finally said “f it” and skipped the user testing! I appreciate those of you who volunteered to test, but you’re off the hook.  Now all users are testers. :-).

      Video Demos

      I found a nice app that goes with my development tools and can record videos from a virtual IOS device, so I’ll be able to do some video tutorials on how to use the app so watch for those coming soon.  Here’s a sample, how to check the 2021 Utah Football Schedule:

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      Posting on it now! Love it! Thank you so much Tony.

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      D T
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      OUTSTANDING work, Tony!

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