Oregon’s interim coach has foot out the door?

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      Ute Fan

      Might be old news but I saw that Bryan McClendon was briefly seen in the UMiami’s website as an assitant coach under Cristobal.  McClendon refuses to confirm or deny he’s headed to Miami.   Probably wasn’t going to be the permanent head coach, but doesn’t bode well for Oregon as they prepare for Oklahoma at the Alamo Bowl with 3 key players opting out.  Pac-12’s bowl rep at stake.



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      Ute Fan

      I think the NCAA should put a prohibition on teams talking to coaches until January 2.  Things have gotten out of hand this year.  So many teams are going to bowl games without half their coaching staff.  In order to make such a change, LoI day would have to be moved back to mid to late January or keep it where it was (and still is for late signees) in early February.

      I hate the mess that all of the coaching changes make.  Who will be coaching Oregon and Oklahoma?  Fortunately, Utah has not been hit by the coaching changes so far.

      Go Utes!!!


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        Ute Fan

        That is simply the mise en scene for the drama that is college football. I, for one, love it.

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        Ute Fan

        The signing day will likely stay in December because a number of HS and JV transfer athletes travel in early January to to start school for spring practice. They need to confirm their deal and have time to move.

        However, coaches can simply finish the year they start with a rule. You would think the NCAA and the P5 conferences would support the idea that coaching staffs should remain in place for the bowl games. I think we currently have more damage by allowing them to move midseason than we would have making them finish out. How about a rule that to be eligible coach the coach must complete the prior year unless fired?

        The bowl season worked great before we started a playoff process but maybe no longer. Players will opt out of a bowl but do not seem to opt out of the playoffs. Next, we should have a playoff that includes all conference champions. With CCGs you can consider all runners up to already be included in the process. This would get everyone laser focused on winning their division and non conference would be used to improve instead of assure wins.

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          Ute Fan

          Not sure its any better to have, say, Cristobal, coaching Oregon for the bowl game once he’s already committed to UMiami, doing recruiting for them, etc.  If he’s moving, let him go to the new team.  Just weird with McClendon because he’s acting as iterim but may be mentally on the move to UMiami already — though he says that’s not the case.

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        Ute Fan

        Far too often see the middle tier teams (Utah State locally a few times) have their coach poached late in the season which disrupts their bowl preparation.

        And if team A hires team B’s coach, then team B hires team C’s coach, etc., etc.

        Is either team in the Alamo bowl going to have their former coach there?



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      Ute Fan

      Oregon already hired a head coach

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