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      Proud to Be a Ute
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      Does Utah football recruiting get better when BYU stinks? Or, do these recruits (i.e., Spencer Fano) leave the state?

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      Maybe a few years ago yes. Now with NIL?


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      Larry B
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      I think guys like Fano will go wherever the paycheck is the biggest, which probably isn’t going to be Utah. But I did hear that BYU dropped out of Fano’s top 4, which is funny because he was/is projected to 100% go there.

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      I don’t think we’re recruiting a lot of the same kids anymore. Back in the days of McBride a local kid would commit to Utah but as soon as BYU offered he was gone. I think those days are gone. It doesn’t hurt our recruiting for them to suck but I don’t know that one down year is going to sway many kids.

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