R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen

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      Ute Fan

      Eddie passed away today from cancer at age of 65.  Saw them in ’93 at then Parkwest with Sammy, but preferred their older stuff with Dave.  Any VH fans out there?  BTW – anyone go to Utah football games in the 90’s and sit in or around the student section?  Anyone remember the guy that wore the red and white shirt patterned after Eddie’s guitar that led that section in U T A H cheers?  Good times.  

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      Ute Fan

      Neil Peart and EVH this year. The virtuosos of rock are succumbing to 2020. F**k 2020.


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      Warrior Ute
      Ute Fan

      I saw them at the Minidome in Pocatello.  1984 for the 1984 tour and in 1986 for the 5150 tour.  Both were great and Eddie was incredible.  His passing is a real loss.

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      I had front row seats to their 1984 tour. What a show, sort of. David Lee Roth was drunker than a skunk & couldn’t remember any of the lyrics. As soon as the lights went out I was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. I thought I’d been hit by Lawrence Taylor, but it was one of my friends on our high school football team. He picked me up off the ground and yelled “**** yeah!” at me. LOL. Earlier that day Eddie bought a warmup amp from the music store I worked at. We were the only place open in town. Back stage Eddie put all the knobs on 10 and blew it out on the first note. Rock & Roll. RIP

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      Ute Fan

      I saw them back in 2012 in Atlantic City.  Not Dave’s best show, but still worth it.  Eddie Van Halen rocked the stage anyway.


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