Red Rocks take 1st place in Best of State.

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        I’m famous!!!!!! So if you look at the bald guy just to the left of Isa’s knee in the picture on that article, that would be me. We were fourth row by the beam. And from close up I have to say, Utah is just at another level on the beam compared to the rest of the squads there. I really wish we’d been able to see the bars better but we had a pretty good view of the landings, and the Red Rocks were rockin’ it. Sadly we missed portions of Utah’s floor routines because SUU kept lifting up pads to move them, everyone else slid them, but they put some extra padding below on the beam for dismounts. Drove us crazy.

        And sorry, they blurred me out because they didn’t want to distract from the real stars of the show.

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