Sling TV, FS1, and Friday’s Game

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      I have Sling TV and was a bit concerned/irritated that I might have to find another way to watch the Utah game on Friday due to all the blacked out college football games on FS1 with Sling.  I did a bit of research and, if I am correctly informed, the blackout only applies to BIG 10 games on FS1.  The Utah/Arizona game should be available to Sling Blue subscribers.  An FYI for those who may not be aware.

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      Thanks, that lines up with the games I have noticed blacked out on Sling already (Purdue and Nebraska games).  Might have something to do with Sling not having BTN? For what it is worth the game shows up in my guide and let me schedule a recording.

      I have Fubio/DtvNow/PSVue apps downloaded and ready to sign up for trial just in case.

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      This is GREAT news… thank you @hypodactylus!


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