Something Riley brought up with Whitt in the post game.

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        Ute Fan

        In regards to the play calls coming in late. Whitt explained that is the way Scalley likes to do it because he likes to see what the final formation of Offense is going to be then wait to get the defense set. 
        This seemed to work against Utah. Whitt seemed to defend this play calling saying it has worked before. I thought was kind of odd the way he answered it. 
        The caliber of quarterbacks is ramping up. DTR is not a Heisman guy but he is pretty good. Williams is way better than him. I also think Dye is even more difficult than Charbonet. 
        This defense being too young to delay the play call as long as possible.  

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        Tony 🌹🌹

        Interesting. There should be a default play for down and distance just in case they don’t get the signal, one would think. 

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          Ute Fan

          Yeah it is kind of maddening to think the logic was well it worked in previous games it should work now. 

          DTR was made to look good all game I think because guys were just confused as hell. 

          BUT I do remember now Whitt or someone else mentioned that many guys were releasing defenders for no reason a few times. Something we saw done A LOT for huge gainers by ucla.  They were not sure yet because they have to watch film. 

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