The main issues that this team has IMO

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      First, let me say that I am very pleased with the win on Thursday and the defense was great holding Florida’s running game to virtually nothing and getting 5 sacks. Our special teams were fantastic. However, there are three main issues IMO.

      1. We have a ton if injuries. We won without 8 key players. I have been watching Utah football for over 60 years and do not remember ever having that many players out. There isn’t anything we can do here but let these guys get healthy. We need to get healthier before the UCLA game.

      2. Our rushing game did not look good on Thursday. However, if you looked at how FL stacked the box – you would understand why. We need to be able to complete that 10-15-yard pass to open things up. When we do, I believe the running game will fall into place.

      3. Our screen and laser screen defense was bad. This is a coaching issue and resolvable IMO. I am sure the entire D is being lectured today and re-taught what they need to do to recognize and defend the screen.

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      I think you’re wrong on the screen thing. That was scheme. Give up yards take time stop that s**t in scoring position as they had to go for it on fourth every time in the second half.

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        i think it was scheme as well. Bend don’t break type of defense.

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      I wonder if we’re going to find out before the Baylor game who is coming back off injuries, or will it only be at game time.

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      I’m also in the camp of assuming the run game will be fixed once Rising is back. With the current backup QB’s it’s easy to stack the box and get away with it.

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